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  Photo by: Tiziana Orsini


Name: Angelique Bianca
Born: February 4, 1975 in Long Beach, California
Years spinning/
making music:
A long long time ago, when the stars and moon told of untold possibilities, and dance music wasn't threatened by the RAVE ACT!!!!

My first brush with Angelique was as a stunningly beautiful girl in a taffeta couture gown, doing vocal exercises in the back of a convertible on the way to perform at the Viper Room. Typical day in the day of the life of this incredible singer, songwriter and DJ. Standing next to her while she DJs is like getting a taste of an ever-expanding fan club... never in my entire DJ groupie career have I ever witnessed so many people come up to the DJ to tell them how much they liked the music being played.

Impeccable taste in music, fashion, and dogs (she has the two cutest Chihuahuas you've ever seen), Angelique is spinning her way both with records and her voice into the future of her already stellar career. You can catch her DJing at parties for Vogue, GQ, Harper's Bazaar and Vanity Fair, as well as regular club gigs fin Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New York, Aspen and Miami. And she'll start her film career with a starring role in the upcoming documentary, "Peace, Love & Beats" - a phrase she created and has been using as her tag line for years. Though this rising star usually moves at the speed of light between the studio and DJing, she stepped down to earth for a few minutes with Raves.com for this exclusive interview!

Jen: How did you get started in music?
Angelique: I had been sneaking out of my house since I was 13, and going to clubs. I told my mom I was sleeping over at friends' houses. I obviously had some older friends who could drive. And door policy was definitely more lenient! I also knew since 3rd grade that I wanted to be a writer. So, the exposure to hip hop and club culture had quite an impact on my young mind. Rap was a relatively new genre of music, and when I started writing "rap" I was just writing poetry. I started rapping and spinning in this same period. Also, started to play guitar.

What was the 1st record you ever bought?
Elton John-Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

Where and what was your 1st gig as a DJ and how did that happen?
My first DJ gig was in a loft in downtown LA...

Where are some of the biggest/wildest/your favorite places that you've DJed? Last Friday, closing fashion week party for GenArt/Giant at the Shrine Expo Auditorium. Wildest-Opening Baby's at the Hardrock in Vegas, my residency there, and Club RA. You see some very wild stuff in Vegas!

You're also a singer and song writer - tell us about your 'other life' and how that got started.
It all started kind of around the same time. From rapping, to being in bands here in Los Angeles that never could really get off the ground. When I moved to London, it was to DJ, and start a band.

How did you get to be in the Indians? Was that the first band you sang in?
I moved to London with dreams of starting a band. I spent a year over there, busking (street performing) and trying out guitar players. It happened amazingly fast once we finalized the band. The drummer Arthur Watts, and the bass player, Chris Wilson, were with me right from the start. They were in another band signed to Beggars Banquet, and were doing me a favor as a side project. It was so much fun.

How has your creativity and style changed over the years?
I am just one of those people that loves all kinds of music, and I think that is why I love to be a DJ most. Because I get to be exposed to so much variety, I am not pinned to one style. I love to sing on tracks with Static Revenger, to doing stuff I write on the guitar which is more singer songwriter. My last two CD's though, I believe reflect a DJ influence. More currently I am about to endeavor on a project with another producer, and once again it will probably have both influences on it.

What are a few of your current and all-time favorite records and artists?
The Weekend Players, Radiohead, Led Zeppelin, Fiona Apple-I hate this question, because there are too many, and it depends on what mood of music I would want to hear...

If someone was going to buy just one of your releases, which one would you tell them to choose?
My next one!

What are some of your records people can look for in the future?
The 12-inch of "Sex" by Static Revenger feat. me (on Topaz Records) And a track I sang on called Everyone by Static Revenger Vs. The Freshmaka I am also suppose to be collaborating with some other producers soon.

Are you producing, writing or singing on them?
We'll have to see... Hopefully a little of each.

Can people hear any of your music or mixes online?
My website www.djangelique.com has MP3s people can download for free, though the website needs to be updated. I've been too busy!

You play huge clubs and intimate venues - which do you prefer and why?
Ultimately I like to play for a lot of people. There is something about the energy of a large crowd, that is really like a natural high.

Have you seen the events you play be at all effected by the police crackdown?

What is your current goal as a DJ... and as an artist?
To finally get my mix CD done which everyone is asking for, and I feel so guilty about!!!!

What would you be doing right now if you never bought that 1st record and became a DJ?
Psychologist, fashion designer or nutritionist.

Thanks so much!!!

No thank you!!! PEACE THROUGH MUSIC.
Peace, love and beats,

-- written by Jennifer Warner





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