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  Collin Vaughn



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Full real name: Collin Vaughn
Dj name: Dj C-Vaughn
Born (date & location): August 7th 1978
Years spinning/making music: 4 years
Can be heard regularly at: Thusdays: Club XO
Saturdays: 96.5 the Buzz (KRBZ-FM) 10pm-2am

Toto, we're not in Kansas any more... at least it doesn't sounds like Kansas (or Missouri for that matter) if you're tuned in on Saturday to DJ C-Vaughns hosting Kansas City's largest live radio mix show. It sounds like a massive, dark club with dirty bass beats booming, with maybe some of his own productions and remixes tossed in to the mix. As he's making a name for himself from coast to coast, we check in with Collin Vaughn and find out how its really done, Kansas City style!

Raves.com: Did you have any formal musical training?

Collin: No training. Just a true love and passion for electronic music. I started getting into the music as an early teen. It became an obsession. I would go to the stores cd hunting. Some being good and most being bad. I had no way of knowing what was good. After years of searching and getting familiar with names of artist I finally starting finding who was the land markers. After I had learned artist styles I wanted the next level out of it. That next level was sharing my style and taste with as many people as I could.

Where and what was your 1st gig as a DJ and how did it happen?

It was at a party here in Kansas City. I had got my own radio show on 90.1fm (a public radio station ) slowly got a fan base. Received phone calls wanting me to play some partys. The 1st party was a success. I knew then this was for me. It was just like I had imagined. The crowed loves every bit of it. I sucked at the mixing thing at the time. It didn’t really matter because they loves the tracks so much.    

Where are some of the your favorite places that you've DJed?

Atlanta, Houston and Kansas City.

How would you describe the scene in Kansas City to someone who has never been there?

I would say for the size of the city we are one of the biggest electronic music scene lovers. Club wise we have  only a couple of nice night clubs. When I mean nice I mean nice ......like lighting and sound ect. This city has a lot of small lounge like rooms. When it comes to party's they are always big. You can count on at least 1400 people. The city is made up of a lot of house heads. It has been created by the house deejays here. I'm not a house dj at all. I need the the funk with that broken beat. I have helped break the city up so its not so its not driven heavily by one genre so much. What kind of music do you play on your radio show? Funky Breaks, Nu skool breaks, progressive breaks and trancy breaks.

Can people hear your radio show or any of your other music or mixes online?

Yes. go to www.kalmusic.com

You collaborate on most of your music with J-Virtue - how did you two meet?

We went to middle school together and became best friends and still are to this day still.

How did you pick the name "2 Hype Elements" to produce under?

We there are 2 of us. We think our music and re-mixes provide that hype feeling that you hear at the peak of a night when the energy is at its best. We are different elements joining for one cause and that’s to make people dance.  

How did you did you get your first remix?

I played a track over the phone to Dj Huda Hudia. He liked it! He asked if we wanted to do a remix for him. We gladly agreed to do it. He was happy with it. We then got to do another and so on. After our first re-mix came out we got offered to do a re-mix for Live Wire Entertainment (Dj Dean's - Play it hard) 

How has your creativity and style changed over the years? 

YES. It seems like it changes every track we do. There is always something new to learn or try.

What are a few of your current and all-time favorite records and artists?

Infiniti - Running away, Rick West - Deff Jam and Dj Icey - Low down Good girl

If someone was going to buy just one of your releases, which one would you tell them to choose and why?

Get on Up because it is a timeless track. That track will be out later this year.

What are some of your records people can look for in the future?

We have a bunch of re-mixes and some original material coming out on Kaleidoscope music label through the rest of this year. All the tracks can be heard on this site www.kalmusic.com

What are your goals as a DJ and producer?

To make timeless tracks. Play as many city and places as I can. Keep the haters out of my life.  

Have you seen the events you play be at all effected by the police crackdown and the RAVE act passing?

No. I'm hearing stories already though.

What would you be doing right now if you never bought that 1st record and became a DJ?

Working in sales somewhere?

What's the best and worst part about being interviewed by email?

The best part is I can do it from home. The worst part is nobody can get the full effect by reading what I type. Emotion can't always come through in writing as I would like.

Thanks Collin!!!





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