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Guess who's birthday it is tomorrow? That's right, Greg Vickers! So though you and I probably can't be with him celebrating in the UK, and most of us won't be lucky enough to give him a belated "happy birthday!!" in-person greeting in Seattle on Friday February 13th, everyone can get to know a little bit more about this DJ who definitely knows how to celebrate himself! Jumping from a balcony window onto mattresses?! Guess he learned the hard way you stop bouncing at age 24!! But seriously, its exactly this kind of enthusiasm that makes his sets absolutely unforgettable. If you can't catch him live this time around, be on the lookout for his own "Tribal Sessions" mix CD due out this May. Get ready America, Greg Vickers is on his way!

When was the first time you heard house music?

Let's say I was listening to electronic music when I was about 11 years old, early rackpack, Carl Cox, DJ Hype, Grooverider stuff, just from copied tapes from mates at school.

Do you have any crazy stories from your early clubbing days?

Hmmm, probably, I've got more crazy stories from quite recently though! It was the tribal gathering weekender 3 weeks ago as I write this, and I was doing a 'LIVE ESSENTIAL MIX' for Radio 1 on Sunday morning, so taking this quite seriously I was well behaved on Friday night, and Saturday night and made sure I got plenty of sleep. As soon as I finished it was time for some serious celebration, so it wasn't long before the party was in full swing back in the chalets. A certain other house DJ from Liverpool (naming no names!) was also bang on it, and we decided it would be a laugh to throw beds and mattresses from the 1st floor balconies and then cameo jump onto them. I unfortunately missed and broke my heal bone which brought my partying to an abrupt end... Still in plaster now...

When did you actually start DJing, and what made you start?

I started out around 3 years ago, I was working back home for the summer in a shit job working nights in a supermarket, so I had quite a bit of cash, and loads of time during the days on my hands, decks seemed like a good idea as id already been messing about on mates decks, so I had the whole of the summer to hone my skills!

What was the first record you ever bought, and where & how did you buy it?

Bloody good question... probably something shit and cheesy but I don't recall the title!

How long after you started did you get your first paying gig?

I joined 2 mates who were running their own night in Manchester (UK) called "Kindergarten" as we were pissed with there being nowhere to go out and listen to the tunes we wanted to hear. This was about 6 months after I started DJing, and from hear I was playing out 2 or 3 times a month.

How would you describe your sets? What do they sound like?

House music really, that's how I'd describe it. It's a really versatile sexy mix encompassing my 'music without prejudice' blueprint with it's focus on making you jack your body!

Who have been some of the biggest influences on your DJing style?

Not really people but a club, 'Sankeys Soap' has been a great influence on my style, having played weekly at the club for nearly 3 years (tribal Sessions) and warming up for a broad range of DJ's, (From Sasha, to Jeff Mills, to DJ Sneak, to Adam Freeland) has allowed my style to really mature and grow into what it is now. It's really good as its allowed me now to walk into pretty much any club, have a good listen to what's being played and fit right in with the vibe of the place.

Do you ever get teased about your musical background as a choir boy?

Nope, it was one of those things that I guess I kept to a need to know basis when I was a kid at school, now it kind of works in my favour as the ladies seem to find it quite sweet!

What's your favorite US city to play in - and why? What about a favorite anywhere?

Los Angeles rocked the spot! I've got a lot more US cities to do in 2004, and I'm going to be concentrating hard on the States! I'm a US citizen myself, and have lots of family over in the States, so it will be real nice to experience the country that I'm a citizen off.

Anywhere you would like to play that you haven't yet?

Australia is the only continent I've not been to, and I hear it's nutz out there, also certain less musically developed places in Asia like Pakistan, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, are all places that I hear have small but amazing scenes and I'd love to get out there and share with people what I'm doing at present.

What do you think of the current state of the UK dance/club scene?

GREAT! I've just done 2 amazing gigs this weekend, and 2 amazing gigs the weekend before, and this year I've done loads of top gigs! Yes the scene is going through a change at the moment, it reached a peak, but it was never going to be able to sustain the peak. When something gets too big for itself generally quality goes down as people get greedy, and this then harms the scene. This is what has happened, and peoples trust was dented. Now there are lots of great small nights going right off, some of the big boys have gone, but you could say they were giving nothing back anyway and did not deserve what they had.

How does it compare to when you started going out?

Well I was a lot more innocent and less knowledgeable about the whole scene when I first started going out when I was 15, so it kinda felt a lot more naughty! It was a case of dancing on a podium all night till the early hours, not seeing my mates all night but meeting loads of new people, and also lying to my parents about where I was actually going, for me it was a different buzz back then to the buzz I get now.

How do you see the differences between playing here (the US) and other countries?

Peoples passion for dance / electronic music is the same in all the places I've been to, go-out & listen to good music, socialise and meet new people, and having a fucking hoot!

You've been resident at Sankeys Soap for more than 3 years now - how would you describe the club, the crowd and the vibe to someone who's never been there?

Off the hook! Good music, great people, and an amazing vibe! It's a great party!

What is the "Tribal Sessions" exactly?

It's the weekly night of the tribal gathering festival which has been running for 10 years.

How'd you end up doing a guest mix on Radio 1?

Well the first one I did was a studio mix (or bedroom in my case!) the guys at Radio 1 asked me if I'd like to do a mix for the Essential Mix. The latest mix that I did from the 'Tribal Gathering Weekender' was a live mix on the Essential Mix tour, and again they got in contact with me and we hooked it up!

There are so many DJs out there now - what do you think makes you stand apart, what accounts for your success?

Hard fucking work! if there was one thing I learnt from my dad, you don't get anywhere these days without busting your balls! Obviously if you're shit you're not gonna get anywhere you need to have the skills and the "x" factor. The Guys at 'Tribal Gathering' spotted the qualifying points I guess and signed me up.

What is on the horizon for you and your career?

Well, when I get the cast off my leg, I'll be back on course, lots of studio work, some great tours and gigs planned for the forthcoming months, a new Mix CD penned in for an Easter time launch.

Where can people find out where you'll be playing next?

Take a look on tribalgathering.co.uk where I post my diary up on the message board every month.

Do you have a website?

Not yet, but check out www.nat-progression.com they are my US agents, and also the Tribal Gathering website as above.

Anything else you'd like the Raves.com audience to know?

I will be performing in Seattle in Feb and have dates planned for Miami in March and a trip to the Hawaii isle of Maui.......... So check out my diary for updates in the coming weeks, months etc.

Thank you Greg!





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