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Hybrid's love for exploring, expanding, and crossing musical boundaries shows inherently in their follow-up to the highly acclaimed 1999 release, "Wide Angle". Knowing how to instinctively develop melodic melodies and harmonies - and then knowing how to meld them using organic and electronic sound design layered over mesmerizing rhythms - is what Hybrid is all about.

Hybrid is the UK-based production and remixing duo consisting of the intelligent and creative core-founding members Mike Truman and Chris Healing. Fall 2003 welcomes their highly anticipated second full-length artist album entitled "Morning Sci-Fi".

Listen to our HYBRID interview in QuickTime

For "Morning Sci-Fi", Hybrid collaborated with such well-known artists as Peter Hook (of New Order fame), NYC-based DJ/Remixer John Creamer, Kirsty Hawkshaw, and The Hermitage String Orchestra from St Petersburg, Russia. Hybrid's upcoming live band tour this fall in support of "Morning Sci-Fi" is sure to be nothing short of spectacular and will include Hybrid's new contributing member, vocalist/guitarist Andrew Taylor.

Below are some highlights from Jules Mari's in-person audio interview with Hybrid, held in Boston during their stopover for a DJ performance at Axis.

Mike Truman: Have you found the hidden track? Put it in the CD player and hit rewind on the first track - so before the start - this is what it means if you get it in the right player. It won't work on PCs and Macs because they just see from one ID to another. But if you play it on a home stereo - it doesn't work on CDJ 1000s either, which is a bit weird. But if you play it on a normal car hi-fi or home hi-fi or something like that, hit rewind, it goes back six and a half minutes and there's a whole hidden track in there.

Jules Mari: How did you guys author that (CD)?

Mike Truman: Our mastering engineer, we found one on a Soul Wax rock album. We're like, how'd they do that? Oh, it's easy, you just move the ID point there, and you do. We're actually doing another "Remix and Additional" at the end of the year we're just trying to work some mixes out now. So, we're chasing like hell, we're chasing um... Perry Farrell's band, Jane's Addiction. We're trying to get a mix from them, but it looks like we should be doing hopefully "Super Furry Animals" as well, and we've been asked initially to do a Placebo mix. We're really just aiming for kind of rock bands like that. A friend of ours James Lavell did um, Queens of the Stone Age and that mix is just out of control, it's so good, it's really brilliant. So, we're like, awe, you're doing rock bands now, we wanna be doing that. So we rung our manager up and were like, "please, try and sort it out for us." He's on their case at the moment. Hopefully it'll turn out a really nice Remix and additionally, we really want to do one.

The remixes that you do, are they mostly ones that you seek out that you want to do?

Mike Truman: These days, to be honest, just 'cause you find tracks that we really like. We chased Radiohead for ages, and they were like, nah, nah 'cause we wanted to do something before "Kid A" came out. I was driving around in L.A. with Ken and Scott from Crystal Method staying with them for a couple of days and it came on the radio and we were like, what the fuck is this? It was "Everything In It's Right Place" track, I said take me to Tower Records now straight, I've got to get this CD and as soon as we got back, we started working on the mix. So, we did that one. I mean, we actually sent it to them. They were like, we love it, we think it's great, but we don't need to release it. We just got a Grammy, we've got number one album in the U.S. and the U.K., don't need to release it. We're like, "we do!" (laughs)

Do you guys still play that out?

Chris Healings: Yeah, it's one of the old mixes that we still actually play.

If you did want to release that yourself, would you be able to get authorization to be able do that?

Mike Truman: No, I think you could probably. Somebody's bootlegged it already and sold like 5,000 copies of it. It's probably the best remix we've ever done. We'd probably be able to license it for compilations.

The artist you worked with on Morning Sci-Fi, how did you come about working with them?

Mike Truman: Adam, we basically found him through a friend of ours that works at a record label. This guy called Rob Dwight. Now Adam used to be in production in Warner Brothers in London and the guy that does our production - you know, the actual manufacturer of the CDs and organizing and all that. They got exactly the same job just in different companies so they got to know each other and wound up giving Adam this tape. We did like it and appreciate it, but it wasn't what we were after... but then we listened to it six months later.

Chris Healings: Yeah, we didn't really know what we were after at that point.

Mike Truman: Yeah, exactly, we were a bit kind of like, going a bit this way, and then that way. But then we listened to it six months later we were like, God he's brilliant! Come down to the studio. So he came down for one weekend and we were just sitting. The studio's a real old kind of country cottage in the middle of Welsh countryside it's lovely, pretty relaxed. So Adam comes down, he's got a couple of cups of coffee, and he's strumming his guitar at like three o'clock in the morning with the door open and he just played us all these new tracks: "Oh I've been working on this, been working on that, what do you think of this one." We're like, it's fuckin' brilliant. So we picked about four or five that we really liked and then got him upstairs and got him to record it against a click - then sent him packing. (laughs) And as soon as his back was turned, we put some really filthy noises underneath it. (laughs)

Now when you come back for the live tour are you going to be performing live?

Chris Healings: Oh, yeah, Adam's from like strictly a non-dance background, so he'd never heard of us before. He hadn't been to dance nightclubs, he's strictly from the Indie guitarist vocalist point of view.

Mike Truman: But he's a lovely guy though, he's from Birmingham, just outside Birmingham.

The Sasha Putnam thing, did you guys collaborate with him on this record, too?

Mike Truman: Not on this one, no, Sasha's off playing bass with Bush. He's rocking out with Bush at the moment, he's one of Gavin Rossdale's closest mates.

To hear the complete interview,
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Be sure to pick up Hybrid's "Morning Sci-Fi" and check them out during their live performance tour this fall.

-- Interview, feature story, and audio editing by Jules Mari and Kevin Schoenbohm






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