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DJ Jackie Christie





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She was only 16 years old when she first stepped behind the decks, spinning at bar mitzvahs and school dances in her home town of Detroit. It wasn't long before her style and energetic personality (and her mix cassette) landed her a radio mix show gig on Power 96. She worked along side techno pioneers such as Kevin Sauderson, Juan Atkins and Richie Hawtin until the draw of New York City's clubbing heyday in the early 90's pulled her away. Jackie set her sights on the hottest tickets in town: Frankie Bones let her copy her mix tapes at his place and then hired her to DJ at the Storm Raves as she worked her way through residencies at the infamous Limelight nightclub, NASA at The Shelter, Tunnel, Life, and even a featured spot at the Studio 54. The exposure catapulted her career into another dimension, as she became the resident DJ and host on MTV's The Grind. The list of places she's spun and spins goes on and on!

We spun around with Jackie for a little bit and got her to type us back some answers for this Raves.com interview!

Jen: How would you describe the kind of music you DJ?

DJ Jackie Christie: Well that would depend... I like to tailor my sound for the audience, the moment, the event, the room, it all matters! Music to make your body groove, tickle yours ears, and elevate your mind through music to a higher level. It's all about the right elements!

My sound can be part of interaction with an audience, but not necessarily. A DJ should do their best to transmit tunes and vibe to bring a room up, not let the lack of quality from bad sound or people that are nay sayer's to affect them. To be able to get decent sound out of nothing takes skill and knowledge gained through experience and communicating with other sound professionals.

My sound is Based on Musik'ism, from my roots of Detroit's many sounds. Detroit Techno: "Rhythim is Rhythim" by Derrick May, "Big Fun" Inner City the vibe and sound of The Music Institute, The Electrofying Mojo, Motown. Chicago House: Legends like DJ Frankie "Godfather Of House" Knuckles spinning at The Warehouse to Lil Louis "French Kiss," You Use to Hold Me" by Ralphie Rasario. NYC: The Garage with DJ Legend Larry Levan , The Peach Boys "Don't Make Me Wait," labels like Strictly Rhythm Records, "We Love Dancing" Roger Sanchez, Masters at Work, India "Earth People," Grand Master Flash on and on the beats play in my mind... The UK Sound: Baby Ford, A Guy Called Gerald, Coldcut, NY Rave, "Go" Moby, NASA at The Shelter. Club Anthems: "Love That Man" Whitney Houston (current) to "Dream Drums" Lectroluv. Past and present: electro, breaks, hip hop, rave, pop Soul, R & B, ambient, rock, punk, new wave, reggae, dub, Latin, African, so vast I try to consider it all and respect!

I live & love to create a feeling through music for people! In my home, to small parties to large clubs and events. Deep pulsing House Music, Tribal Beats, thick basslines, old to New cutting Edge. "I LOVE MUSIC!" I like to play Big Clubs as much as in my living room. I enjoy the reaction and the idea that people are feelin' good! I like to play hard boomin' beats to sweet medleys, to an old... I mean old... like 'son of a preacher man' Dusty Spring field, "Safety Dance." Of course if you are playing progressive dance music you must have the trust of your audience, you can't do this unless you have the flow, too! It must make sense! I play Hard House and Techno to Pumpin' House to Sweet vocal house to Hip Hop, I like to have a beginning a middle and an end! There are No Rules and yet there is form, it is a feeling. I like to tell stories with music. It's a way to capture the times. The art of music is complex and the more I listen the more I learn! How's that for the short answer? :)

What made you become a DJ?
The Music made me do it!

When and why did you move to NYC?
After a couple of visits to NYC in the late 80's early 90's, and experiencing the underground scenes of NYC, The Red Zone w/ David Morales, The World, Robot's, DJ's like Tony Humphries, Junior Vasquez, Timmy Rigesford, Red Alert...

What's your favorite record of all time?
Ok that's a tough one! I have a gizilloin records! I like so many I keep them on shelves, some are alphabetized, others by era, some are era and alphabetical, some are of the moment, which blows the whole alphabetical thing! But I often mention Donna Summer album "On The Radio" produced by Georgio Moroder. I was under the spell as it transcended from one song to the next.... it had flow! "Sunset People... Doin' It Right Night After Night" so cool and techno before tec. Check it out! 4 Sure!

How did you end up as the featured DJ/hosting MTV's Grind in 1997?
I was a member of "For The Record" an amazing community of DJ's/ producers, managed by Judy Weinstein of Def Mix and David Morales. They noticed my DJ ability and took interest, which lead to the proposal of me DJing on MTV.

Where are some of the wildest/your favourite places that you've spun?
Italy stands out the people love house music! Japan, NYC, everytime I spin it's from my heart!

How have you seen the scene change since when you first started?
Sure I've seen the changes, we all have, but change is good and hopefully for the better!

Have you or the events you play been effected by the crackdown on clubs in NYC?
The NY scene has had a tough time with all that is going on, but maybe it will bring a new mo'better party for the peeps. It's starting to make sense I see people going for the music not that other stuff.

Who has influenced your career the most?
Refer to my sound question above, and include Blondie, Coldcush, Malcom McLearn, Afrika Bambatta, Aretha Franklin, Marshell Jefferson, Prince. "D.M.S.R.," Chaka Khan, Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder, Steve Miller and much more...

How did you make your first promo CD and who did you give it to?
It was cassettes and at that time I was in Detroit and it was around 87 when a big club heard of me came and listened to me at the gig I had and hired me to DJ 3-4 times a week, then a radio show was offered to me all I had to do was make the tape. When I moved to NYC Frankie Bones was cool enough to let me make tapes at his place. He also hired me to play Storm Raves.

What were some of the tracks on it?
One I can remember is "Bang On," a happy song about goin out all night love it!

How did you decide which records to include in your new mix CD "Hot & Tasty Beats"?
I wanted a feel-good vibe in the beginning, so people could start a mood in their home or cars. Then build to an intensity, which is usually the main part of a night. Then drop it down and say goodbye....

What makes it different from the other mix CDs out there?
I wanted to translate 6-hours into the CD. To set a mood and not just pound out hard beats, to move through different sounds by having a beginning a middle and an end. I also told a story through the word.

Do you get hit on when you DJ?
Never!!!!!!! LOL!

What would be a pickup line that might make you interested?
WOW........ That's a tough one. I like people, their vibe... BaBy! I"m no push over and I like being picky! Here's a hint, dance to my music try to hear what I'm saying in my groove and you get more appealing by the beat.

Can people hear any of your music or mixes online? If so, where?
Most likely. Do a quick Google search for me DJ Jackie Christie and stuff will show up. Or the Nervous Records site www.nervousnyc.com (note: www.djjackiechristie.com is coming soon)

What is your goal as a DJ?
I live for the music , I'm devoted to the search 4 perfect beat! The devotion, the love of music & people drive my DJ heart. Making people FEEL sooooo GOOD is Mucho important!!

What would you be doing right now if you weren't making music?
I have a gypsy spirit. I feel I would be very transient, working with people is very rewarding for me. I would be a teacher, maybe the peace core. My fantasies are of music! Maybe a band, a dancer, who knows.

If you weren't DJing, where would we find you at a club: standing as close as possible to the DJ, in the middle of the dance floor, at the bar... or somewhere else?
Ooh this is an easy question, me, all over! I love to shake my booty to an infectious house groove, step, trot, boogie up & down! Hangin with a fellow house head taklin' beats, cocktails are so nice, too! And when I go out I'm a wild card ie; you never know where I'll show-up! "I love The Night Life I've Got to Boogie!"

What's the best & worst part about being interviewed by email?
UHMMMMMM, not sure, I suppose the best is that I can do it whenever I want. The worst I have to type. LOL!!! ;-)

Anything else you'd like to say?
The world needs more love, help your friends and those you don't know, celebrate their success, and let the light shine!

Thank you so much Jackie!!

-- written by Jennifer Warner

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