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Name: Kevin Bazell
Born: England 1971
Years spinning: 12
Music types:

I love house, tribal, tech house breaks basically Anything with soul

Influences: So many to list, Dub Reggae first inspired me to want to make music instead of just listening. I love Pink Floyd, Stone Roses, old School Hip-Hop but I?m also very inspired by my environment and friends and family.

KAZELL "One of LA's finest DJ's" - John Digweed

With our whole dance music scene separated by different genres, Kazell is at the forefront of DJ/producers striking ahead with a fresh original sound. Blending his love of funk, dub, techno, house, tribal and breaks; Kazell has created his own sound dimension on the decks that people never forget. Hailing from Manchester UK, this 30 something roughneck has been causing a storm throughout the US since 1991, he's the resident DJ at Los Angeles superclub "SPUNDAE" and plays with John Digweed and Sasha on a regular basis at "LIQUIFIED" events across the country. John Digweed requested his presence to set the tone for the recording of the Global Underground CD in Los Angeles and aired a mix on his exclusive UK-KISS FM radio show along with Anthony Pappa, Sander Kleinenberg and Deep Dish to name a few.

Kazell has played throughout America over the last 10 years building a solid foundation wherever he plays as well as representing internationally. Off the decks Kazell has been busy with studio partner Mike Hiratzka, and the pair have 5 tracks to be released this year and have recently finished a remix for Sinead O'Connor.

Kazell is recognized as one of America's brightest new talents, his popularity has been growing and is no longer a LA secret. With tours scheduled for the UK, Japan and Germany it's easy to see why he has drawn attention from international talent, record executives and critics alike.

Annalee: How did U get started?

Kazell: I wanted to DJ in a hip-hop group, but really first got my break playing Dub and Hip-Hop at an event called "The Trout Farm" in Manchester.

What was the 1st record you ever bought?
Madness - One Step beyond at 10 years old.

What/Where was your 1st gig?
"The Trout farm" Manchester UK and 1st American gig was "Raindance" rave in Miami 1991.

How did you end up in Los Angeles?
I was part of a DJ collective in Atlanta called "Earthtone Sound System"; we decided to take a US tour in a huge reconditioned yellow school bus 4 years ago. We called it "Summer Caravan" it comprised of 6 people, a full sound system and two dogs and we took it across America with the idea of it culminating at the "Burning Man Festival" in San Francisco. After 2 months on the road and a few breakdowns but loads of fun I decided to get off the bus and chill in LA for a bit.

Do you currently have any residencies?
Yes, Liquified (LA) and Spundae (LA).

Do you currently have any albums out?
No, but I?m in the process of making one with my partner Mike Hiratzka we hope it will be finished by the end of summer.

Are you in the studio now?
Mike and I have just put a studio together in Venice, and we have four tracks finished Prime, Reaction, Things can only get better, and a remix of Sinead O'Connors "Lagan Love."

What do you think about all this mainstream techno on the radio these days? Do you think it is good for the scene or are you 100% against it selling out? That is the one million dollar question right about now, I personally think its great that our music is on the radio and people of all walks of life enjoy it. I started regretting the popularity of the music when DJ?s and Producers became too focused on the "Industry" and pleasing the masses instead of keeping it underground and real.

What are your thoughts on the scene right now locally?
The Local DJ?s are Great I think LA couldn?t be in a better position as far as musical talent goes, I wish there were more smaller clubs with good sound systems to promote quality underground events though.

What type of music do you listen to when you are not spinning?
Still mostly dance music its really everything to me, I?ll slip in a bit of Reggae or chill stuff like that occasionally.

Have you ever worked on a Movie Soundtrack?
Not yet, watch this space!

Do any favorite moments in your career come to mind?
A couple of favorites would be playing after Sasha at Liquified @ Loretta?s Atlanta about 6 years ago. I was just a very special night, Sasha was amazing and I kicked it after him with a bit of an old school classics set, I had a blast scratching and enjoying those old tunes. Also closing out Spundae LA after John Aquiviva recently and getting to bang it out for all my mates and a very packed house.

In the many places you have performed, which venue is your most favorite?
That's easy - The Mayan theatre Los Angeles

How has your creativity changed over the last 12 years?

I really have not changed my style in years I play what I love and even though it comprises many ever changing forms of music the vibe and feel are always the same.

What is your current Goal as a DJ?
I'm really excited to finish the album we're working on and put together a live show that incorporates the Djing with studio effects and vocal performers.

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?
Working in the studio making music, touring occasionally and living comfortably with my family.

What would you be doing right now if you never bought that 1st record and became a DJ?
Scary thought - probably computer programming or social work.

OK: Last question and the silliest of all! What, in your opinion, is the greatest aspect of being a DJ?
Doing interviews!!! and playing the music I love to people that want to listen.

-- written by Annalee Stone





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