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Name: Keri Winkle
Born: Lake Charles, Louisiana
Age: 32
Years DJing: hobby since 94' - professionally 98'
Favorite record of all time:

"Fear" by Sarah McLachlan - all remixes especially Hybrid's edit

Etheral female vocals, reaching beautiful high notes, float out over the dancefloor, riding the waves of a driving progressive beat. You push your way through the crowd up to the DJ booth, hoping to catch a peek of the name of the artist on the record label - and instead, come face to face with her as she sings out the next refrain, pausing to mix in the next record. Meet DJ Keri, singer, producer and DJ, all rolled into one!

Click here to watch our DJ Keri video interview

Jennifer: How would you describe your performance as a DJ to someone who's never een or heard it?

DJ Keri: An adventure into the different sounds of progressive house & break beat with my live vocals - similar to Hybrid's style but with my own twist.

What made you get started in music?
I have been a musician my entire life - I started learning how to read music at age 5 - wrote my first song at age 10 & began to learn instruments also - I was in band from 10 til I was 18 - instruments that I have studied include: piano, clarinet, obeo & guitar. I first started singing in church choirs when I was just in pre-school. I did many school pageants and talent shows - I learned a great deal about how to perform for people at a very early age.

Where do you live now and how did you end up there?
I live in the suburbs of Atlanta - I followed my husband here because he gained employment and also has relatives near by.

You've had residencies everywhere from Aruba to Atlanta - do you have any residencies right now?
I currently hold residencies at The Kastle of St. Louis and will soon be one of the leading residents of a club here in Atlanta called "RIDE" - it is a really big club that is being built on the west side of Atlanta.

Where are some of the wildest/your favorite places that you've performed?
I loved Amsterdam and Montreal a lot! I have to say that Aruba has been by far the wildest place I have seen so far . . . those foam parties are crazy!!!

What's the craziest thing you've ever done while performing?
Too many memories come to mind but the one that stands out the most is the one gig that I had in Aruba - the dancers were practically naked and dancing on these really tall speakers - the guys below were leaning between the dancers legs, drinking beer as they poured it down from their behinds . . . I was kind of grossed out but at the same time I thought it was outrageous too!

How did you get approached to be in Playboy?
I guess I was in the right place at the right time - a dear business associate actually "hooked" it all up for me. You never know what is going to happen during WMC.

Were you nervous/embarrassed? What was it like?
I was really nervous - I have never even streaked or skinny-dipped in my life so this was a giant leap for someone like me. I wasn't embarrassed at all though - I feel I look pretty good physically for a mother of two. I had the support of my family and it has been something I always thought of doing when I was younger and was modeling semi-professionally. Playboy staff was very professional and kind to me - treated me like I was a queen and I have no complaints about the experience.

Had you ever done anything like that before?
Nope, never ever. . .

You have another career - tell us about that, and how do you balance it (and a family) with a career that involves being out all night and traveling around the world?
My career doesn't take presidence over my family life - my husband and children come first. If I need to be home, I will be - I have a nanny to pick up my slack whenever I am not around and my husband is home the majority of the time when I am on the road. I make sure that I take the time to spend with my family - I do my best not to miss my kids birthdays, recitals and holidays in general. All in all, I think me and my family do a fairly decent job coping with the traveling and the crazy hours I spend doing my job.

How have you seen the scene change since when you first started?
I'll put it this way - I sure do miss the good old days . . . don't get me wrong the music still rocks but I don't feel the neccessity to state the obvious.

Have you or the events you play been effected by the crackdown on clubs/raves?
Definitely yes . . . but that has pros and cons that have to be measured heavily. My opinion could be considered policital so I will keep it to myself.

Who has influenced your career the most?
My husband, Mike, has been the driving force behind me - so many times I felt like just giving up but he has helped me grow a thicker skin and lifts me up whenever my spirits are low - I can always count on him to be honest - even if it hurts, I know he is telling it like it is and that is what I need - he keeps me grounded but ambitious, hungry and hardworking. DJ Carlos Hernandez (AREA 51, CDC Soundsystem, Organic - San Francisco) He is the one who really motivated me to become a dj and taught me a great deal. Sandra Collins - probably one of the hardest working female dj's in the business ... she is relentless! She has given me valuable advice over the years. Hybrid - Their remarkable style has motivated me and inspired me greatly. lus, those guys are so sweet and are so down to earth. Good People!

How did you make your first promo CD and who did you give it to?
I waited years before I even tried to make a tape - just wanted to make sure that it was the right set and the right time. I believe that Gene Carbonell was one of the first people I gave one to.

What were some of the tracks on it?
A lot of white labels . . . I think one of the tracks was by SuperChumbo - of Tina Turner's "When the Heartache is over" & Hani's remix of Chris Isaccs' "Wicked Game".

How has your creativity and style changed over the years?
I have bounced from UK Hard House to Funky Breaks to Progressive Trance . . . I get bored with the same old sound . . . I started off with Progressive House and I have returned to my roots ,but I am also spinning Progressive Break beat more in my sets now. I dabble sometimes with intelligent jungle whenever I get the itch!

How did you decide which tracks to include in your new CD "Dream Keeper"?
Putting together any cd is a painstaking effort but usually worth the while. I had enough material to make 2 cd's but decided to space out my music. Alot of the tracks/songs on the cd are remixes - believe it or not some of the originals were too long and I couldn't fit everything I wanted to put on the cd. Thus, there will be a part 2 in the latter part of 2004.

What makes it different from the other CDs out there?
It is an artistic album - not just one track sounding like the next track - it ventures into progressive breaks, nu-skool, downtempo, trance and progressive house.

If you were telling a friend why they should buy it, what would you say?
As for DJs - you could use many of the tracks in a live set... as a listener - it is a worthy buy because you won't get bored with it.

Do you get hit on when you perform?
All the time - sometimes it is flattering other times I can get really nervous about it... I take it in stride however.

What would be a pickup line that might make you interested?
Since I am not a material girl it wouldn't be anything that would include cars, money or jewelry... In all honesty, I have to say that my husband is the only guy that makes me light up and respond to "pick up lines"...

Can people hear any of your music or mixes online?
So many places, but the best place would be my website @ www.dj-keri.com .

What is your goal as a DJ and artist?
I simply want to leave a legacy of great music behind for people to remember me by . . . my Uncle Cookie will never be forgotten for all of the great songs he wrote . . . "Sea of Love" is still playing on the radio today . . . whenever I hear it play it makes me smile.

What would you be doing right now if you weren't involved with music?
I was a 4th generation nurse - I suppose that's what I would still be doing if I hadn't burnt out on it so quickly.

If you weren't performing/DJing, where would we find you at a club: standing as close as possible to the DJ, in the middle of the dance floor, at the bar... or somewhere else?
I use to dance alot... I still do sometimes but nowadays you can find in me in the lounge section chillin' and chattin' it up with people.

What's the best & worst part about being interviewed by email?
Best: I have more time to think out my answers. Worst: You don't get to see my reaction to your questions . . . you know the "eyebrow raises" and "giggles" that some of the questions spark.

Anything else you'd like to say?
I have 2 more CD projects pending right now with labels in NYC (2K Sounds & Radikal Records). They will be mixed CDs - one electro breaks and the other is going to contain various styles of electronic music. In the works now is a possible tour for Playboy to support the 50th anniversary issue. An appearances is scheduled for Tele Mundo TV this summer. Staying as busy as I can while producing new tracks too... look out for the 12" of "In My Eyes" by myself & DJ Viro - during the middle of this summer from Good Pussy Records/MDI Distribution.

Thanks Keri!!

-- written by Jennifer Warner





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