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  Annalee's Miami Conference Report 2004

  Me (left) and Kara

- Peace, Love & Beats premier photo album & streaming video
- Jen's Miami report
- Laid party photo album



 At Wet Grooves





  Being interviewed on the red carpet at DanceStar



YAY! It was finally time for the music conference in Miami, a vacation I'd been looking forward to since returning from last year's conference. Being this was my 2nd year going, I was very excited since this time there would be no movie to shoot, only to screen, and no parties to "cover" -- well, besides the Wet Grooves Party of course! It was going to be all about having fun with all my friends in fabulous South Beach Miami! I decided to keep a diary of events that took place (I tried to remember it all!) and here is how my trip to Miami went this year!

Saturday - So we arrive at 11pm Saturday night (first class all the way of course) only to find out that our "lovely" hotel which we patron each and every time we are in Miami has LOST our reservation, even though they had charged us for the room. Pissed as hell and not taking no for an answer, they finally take us to the Swank Shore Club where the only room left is the Presidential Suite which was a townhouse with its own pool and cabana, cant get much better than that, not to mention that the $10,000 a night room was given to us at the rate of $2500 a night since the other "sister" hotel screwed up- so now we are ready to party! Saturday night was a little hectic, but my dear friend Kara who flew out from OK, still managed to meet up with Jen Warner and Johnny Jos at the Albion on Collins for some drinks and dissin on lame guys who tried to pick us up while Gavin stayed in and watched Kill Bill about 30 times. Then we had a long walk back to the hotel for a night of sleep (well kinda) but not before stopping off at the Walgreens for some really confusing shopping-anyone who went there will know what I'm talking about.

Sunday, Ahhhhh Sunday the only day to relax... We went to the One Louder party at the National hotel where The Scumfrog, Motorcycle, Gabriel and Dresden and Shapeshifters were all spinning, and had a great time!!! There I ran into, and danced with Richard Humpty Vission, Dan Rosenthal from Thrive records, Johnny, Jess, the singer for Deepsky, Deepsky, Eve Falcon, DJ Angelique, I mean this was one hell of a party, the moon soon came up over the ocean and was the most wicked thing I'd ever seen, orange and spooky, just the way I like it!

Then off to another party, where we where I'm not sure, what we did I'm still not sure, but I got a great little tote bag full of goodies (thanks Jen!) and more drinks, by this time I think we had switched outfits like 4 times- we over packed just a LITTLE...

Monday- Scary day, not only was it our Party day LAID at which Jen spent the day promoting the site and the movie Peace, Love & Beats which we were screening or the 1st time ever at Rumi@8pm, but it was also the Wet Grooves Party at the Shelbourne Hotel, which of course is put on by The World Party, Steveo and Mikey and Steve and the Eventvibe cats. That's where I was all day, hanging out with Donald Glaude, Dave Aude, Mark Lewis, Judge Jules and a TON of other people. Suddenly I had to do a commercial for Miami Channel A3 about what I (who am I anyway??lol) was doing in Miami and what my mission was for this year, as spontaneous and nerve wracking as it was, I think I pulled it off pretty well. Then back to some Groovin and Dancing and running into some friends I hadn't seen in a long long time, you know who you are Sexy Bitch... Then its time to leave the Wet Grooves, but we made sure we were able to come back to the party after our movie screening which was about to start....YIKES

We rush back to our sick beach front condo and get dressed, ahhh the sliver dress, the silver shoes- hard decision on what to wear to this thing cus I didn't know how big of a deal it was going to be, well thank god for my intuition, for as we walked up to the lounge Rumi, we realize not only is there a "red carpet" but there are paparazzi and TV crews everywhere, shit now I am getting my picture taken by God knows who, and am being interviewed again by Channel A3, I saw that little video and maybe I shoulda had one or two or three less drinks before attending my own movie screening... but oh well! The movie went over very very well, way better than expected even though I KNEW it was going to be a hit, I mean I'm in it, so come on-joke (kinda) so we left and then all the confusion hit.... I lost my boyfriend in the crowd, so Kara and I got into a cab to go to someplace that was way too far-then had had to turn around and pay $100 for nothing! Finally we ended up at Nikki Beach and it was Freeeeezzzing Cold (yeah, in Miami freeezing) and I wasn't having too much fun due to too much drink, stress and freezing, so I took a cab back to the hotel and Kara stayed out and partied while I went home to snuggle up to my sweetie. Never made it back to Wet Grooves, which I regret, as that's the best party ever, but there is always next year right?

Tuesday- The Big Day As you all know we were nominated for a Dancestar Award (no we did not win, even though we are a DANCE MUSIC SITE AND NOT A DOWNLOAD SITE) anyway bitterness aside, we got to walk down the red carpet again, this time it was for real, no idea who was interviewing us, or taking our pics but I'm sure they will end up somewhere on the web... I had gotten this lovely Emma Savahl two-piece dress that was super obnoxious but I loved it none the less, Jennifer looked fabulous in her little black dress and Gavin was dressed as usual, casual but chic and blase as hell about the red carpet experience (but we know he secretly loved it!) After the award show we all got some food, and all went our separate ways. Kara, Gavin and I went back to the hotel and Kara and I decided to check out the party there at our hotel, changed clothes again and walked around, took some pics and then she took off and I went back to the condo to chill with my other half. The next day we left at 1pm.

I had a fabulous time in Miami this year, I finally got to just chill and hang out and experience it from another angle, as last year we were busy shooting our movie Peace Love and Beats. I hope that next year is just as fun and that you all enjoy my photo album from this rockin trip... many thanks to all that made this possible, Gavin Lloyd, Jennifer Warner, Mike Burns, SteveO from the World Party, the lovely people at Rumi, and of course the nominating committee for getting us a nomination for Dancestar.

Peace, Love and Beats,
Annalee Stone

PHOTOS - click on each description to see the photos!

Wet Grooves: Annalee & Kara
Wet Grooves: Dave Aude
Wet Grooves: DJ Mea
Wet Groves: Donald Glaude
Wet Grooves: Annalee & Mark Lewis
Wet Grooves: Annalee & Judge Jules

Party: Alex Greenberg, Annalee, Johnny Jos
Party: Annalee, Girl, Sharona
Party: Annalee & Kara
Party: Annalee & Eve Falcon
Party: Eve, Johnny, Jason from Deepsky
Party: Annalee & Gavin Lloyd
Party: Annalee & Jes from Motorcycle
Party: Kara & Miss Lisa
Party: Annalee dancing with Richard Humpty Vission
Party: more RHV
Party: Dan Rosenthal from Thrive Records

Peace, Love & Beats: Anna & Kara
Peace, Love & Beats: Annalee & Lady Lyric
Peace, Love & Beats: Kara, Annalee, Lady Lyric
Peace, Love & Beats: Mike Burns, Johnny Jos, Jen

Dancestar: Raves.com on the red carpet
Dancestar: Anne Savage interviewing Sandra Collins
Dancestar: Christopher Lawrence
Dancestar: Dave Navarro
Dancestar: David Morales
Dancestar: John Digweed
Dancestar: Mark Farina
Dancestar: Paris Hilton
Dancestar: Perry Farrell and wife




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