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  Miami Music Conference Report 2004

   Raves.com Senior Editor Annalee Stone (left) and yours truly




































   Spotted: Hernan Cattaneo














  Delano poolside


  Angelique & Lil' John

Johnny Jos revives tired toes!





   Dennis White (left) with The Scumfrog












   Dave Dresden gettin' Laid

   Dave Dresden & Dave Ralph






   Click for our Peace, Love & Beats photos!





   DanceStar stage





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I left my voice in Miami. I think I lost it somewhere on the dance floor at the Om party, though it was trying to slip away from me at Laid the day before. Its being shipped back to me via 2-day by a kind BPM staffer who saw it trying to slip into their hotel early this afternoon, probably getting back from having the time of its life at some after- afterhours penthouse. Me, I was happy to get on the 5 o'clock flight home. There is only so much fun, sun and amazing music one person can take!! This year's Miami conference was the best ever. OK, yes, I say that every year, but really, its true!! For the first time ever I was involved in throwing (not just attending) parties, and in Miami, one is never enough!

It starts in the airport. Not the excitement -- that was keeping me awake for days before. An insomnia fueled by the excitement of running around frantically firing off guest list request emails and phone calls to remote area codes to coordinate venues, people, equipment, DJs, music, promotions and everything else imaginable to throw a party and the premier screening for our PEACE, LOVE & BEATS documentary. What starts in the airport is the Miami magic. I don't know how else to explain it. The minute you check your bags and you are definitely getting on that plane, it flows down from some electronic clubbing deity (I imagine her to be a Greek Goddess wearing a Gucci toga and Technics headphones, wielding a flaming guestlist clipboard). The Miami magic turns even jaded Los Angeles music industry-ites into smiling, social, dancing disciples for five days of complete craziness. How many parties, people and music can you cram into five days? Read on, feel the Magic, and you shall see....


Our 2:00pm American Airlines flight was overflowing with record bag toting Miami-bound travelers. We plopped down next to none other than Junkie XL (who we interviewed just a few weeks ago, coming soon on video to Raves.com). He's reading a gear manual. Really. I'd give a plug here for his gear sponsor that he was reading up on for his presentations and seminars in Miami, however before we could get to it the conversation quickly turned to more "important" things, such as where he was staying and what parties was he going to all week. Repeat this scene for the dozen other DJ/industry types we spotted en route and you get the picture!

No sooner than we touch down and the cell phones are turned on then the marathon begins. Every year I go on about how fantastic the air feels in Miami, and I almost hold my breath in anticipation coming out of the airport doors for the first time. Inhale, exhale.... mmmm, as good as I remembered. Hot and heavy, so distinctly Miami.

I'll spare you the uninteresting details (plus I want to go to the beach and not be typing in my hotel room!!!) but I must say the check-in desk help at our hotel, The Whitelaw, matched his sunny attitude with a huge smile and a sing-song Caribbean accent. The Miami Magic was flowing, and it was lovely, as lovely as our small but stylish all white room with its plush robes and silver stereo system; As lovely as the music pumping in the lobby for BPM's unofficial opening party with Nicolas Matar, David Ireland and Rob Simas, ushering us out into the evening that was just waiting for us to begin. We hit Mynt (2137 Collins), a venue that I had actually never been to in South Beach - which, considering this is my seventh year coming to conference, is quite a discovery! I'm not sure if it existed before and I just somehow missed its green illuminated door, but it was the perfect start to a perfect night. We walked up just as Deep Dish's manager walked out the front door and swept us inside. (Thank you Club Door Goddess!!)

Wall-to-wall people moving up and down to I don't know who on the decks, it didn't even matter as the music was so damn good and the people were having so much fun! Ok, you know that's not totally true... it does matter who was playing ;) it was just way too crowded to get close enough to the DJ booth to actually see. However I know for a fact that since it was the Bullitt Booking Agency party, Behrouz, Danny Howells, Dean Coleman, Deep Dish, Desyn Masiello, Max Graham, Nic Fanculli, Omid 16B, Scream (in the hip hop room in the back, now that was refreshing!), Tarrentella & Redanka and Tom Stephan aka Superchumbo were all scheduled to hit the decks at some point. DJ spotting is a sport at which I excel. On the sighted list at this event was most of the above, plus I randomly started talking to some guy who had the biggest grin on his face I'd ever seen ("I'm from Amsterdam! I've never been to America before!!) and he has his friend hand me a CD... turns out he's Sander Kleinenberg's producer. And who walks up moments later but Sander himself. He's tackled seconds later by John Creamer who then gets sideswiped by Ali from Deep Dish. Miami is the one place where all these old friends who've been making music since before you probably even knew what house music was can put aside their global hopping schedules and get together to actually hang out. Its like a big electronic music class reunion!

We rolled in just before midnight and when our poor feet had had enough (there is NO way you can not dance when music like that is playing!!) four hours later, we hobbled out, grabbed Dave Dean of Giant LA and and landed ourselves in a taxi heading south. We stopped to refuel at Jerry's Deli and ran into Shahram (who is the art director for our Peace, Love & Beats film) who convinced me that I had to check out the live performances at Goddess. Completely different vibe: if Mynt was industry mixed with high end South Beach eye candy (one beautiful gazelle of a girl was sporting a t-shirt that said "Don't Feed The Models" -- our FAVORITE T-SHIRT OF MIAMI) then Goddess was hippie chicks getting seriously down on the dancefloor, guys in jeans and pumas lounging with their Heinekens along the floor. They were there to dance. Unfortunately, even a fourth Red Bull couldn't keep me going, and we called it a night. MIAMI SURVIVAL TIP #1 (that we tend to ignore): bring lots of comfortable shoes. Being girls that love high heels we tend to ignore the adjective in that tip...

You can never bring enough shoes!


Honestly, I was supposed to go to Ultra all day. Ultra is the biggest single event in Miami during conference, in so far as the number of attendees and DJs/artists performing. The lineup pretty much reads like a who-who's who of the electronic music talent pool, along with a sprinkling of random celebrities. The thing is, massive crowds combined with 30 minute lines to get water or the bathrooms, no place to sit, standing in the dirt of Bayfront park for eight hours is my idea of a nightmare, not an enjoyable music festival (give me Coachella on the polo fields any day). Despite these problems, Ultra perseveres year after year with top-notch talent. So I sent my scouts, who reported back on the highlights and lowlights. The lows: Paul Oakenfold was handed a CD by P-Diddy, which he immediately dropped in... and then dropped out even more quickly as it killed the energy on the floor... what was that track anyway??? According to more than one DJ who played: the monitors weren't loud enough for the system so DJs were trainwrecking left and right. There were no handlers in the DJ booths, so the DJ that was playing next would have to essentially kick off the DJ that was playing. The highs: There were more live acts then ever before, and they were unbelievably good, making this year's pick for FUTURE TREND WATCH: live electronic acts! Deepsky, Junkie XL, Way Out West, Uberzone.... and the one we would discover ourselves later, Infusion.

In the meantime I took care of business meetings and preparations for our own events, hitting Kinkos, running in to Hernan Cattaneo on the street, and chilling on the terrace of the BPM hotel while Lady D from Chicago spun some lovely warm up tunes. We wanted to wait for Roy Davis Jr. who was on later, but we needed to pick up our passes for the M3 Summit in the lobby of the swanky Nash hotel. Turns out KCRW was broadcasting live from their penthouse at the Nash, so we dashed upstairs to have a look and listen. Jason Bentley from the KRCW show Metropolis was not around, but Raoul Campos was doing interviews and they had laptops and broadcast gear sending out a live signal of a DJ mix set from the penthouse terrace. Sweet suite.

Our friends were buzzing us from another hotel rooftop terrace, this one hosting the Madonna record release party. So we snuck over there and had a Warner record label executive sighting fest along with avoiding the prerequisite meat on a stick hors d'oeurves and crunch sushi. This is the staple 'free food' provided at all Miami industry events. MIAMI SURVIVAL TIP #2: don't rely on free food! We did snag a few of the promising looking gift bags and dissected them in the elevator on the way down, but were pretty disappointed. A copy of Entertainment Tonight magazine (maybe there was a Madonna mention in there somewhere) and a copy of Madonna's new single were about all it contained.

I hadn't heard the new Madonna single yet, so we stopped at our friends' Shelbourne suite and popped the CD into their stereo. The general consensus? Ugh. We reminisced about Madonna's real electronic albums that we all loved like her last two (Music and Ray of Light) --- funny how she is labeled as a pop artist when in reality she's not. Maybe the scene in the US just needs to follow Madonna's lead and stop calling itself electronic. Perhaps THEN then the music we love could break out of the clubs and onto the radio like it has in the rest of the world!

Our Warner hosts needed to make an appearance at their industry party over at the Delano, so we popped across the street for a turn around the pool. The incredibly beautiful long pool was mobbed with silicone implants and shiny Italian shirts... the usual Delano pool crowd, except wonderfully spiced up with hip hop and rap recording artists sporting real style (see Lil' John photo, at left).

CLASSIC MIAMI MOMENT: cell phone rings and you answer, but all you can hear is the Boom Boom Boom of the bass and some unrecognizable voice yelling something you can't understand other than a few words. Having taken more than a few years of nightclub cell phone language "Jennifer!!" Boom boom boom "Underwater ...lly... maz... ...ome ...re lea.. ok?" Translation: "Jennifer! We're at Underwater, its really amazing, come over here, I'll leave your name at the door ok?" This classic Miami moment directly releates to MIAMI SURVIVAL TIP #3: text messaging with caller ID!

Walked all the way down Collins and cut over to the Underwater party at Privilege, yearning to catch Tim Deluxe. Unfortunately, an immense female fire marshal was standing at the door, legs spayed and arms crossed defying anyone to cross her formidable stance. We weren't up for a showdown (or waiting for people to leave) and with perfect timing we "beep beep!" got a text message that Sasha was going off at the Delta Heavy event. Not a cab in sight so we hoofed it back up to Mansion only to find yet another fire marshal!

MOST UNUSUAL MIAMI POLICE ACTIVITY - the Police decided for some yet-to-be-discovered reason to close every club along Washington. So instead we wandered over to Collins to see what was going on there. MAGIC MIAMI MOMENT #1: Walking along Collins, we spot Jody from Way Out West carrying his records into the Marlin Hotel, and we follow... stumbling upon the BYOR (Bring Your Own Records) party in their tiny dark steaming hot basement. Off the hook tag team DJing by dozens of names has us rocking till dawn both downstairs on on the hotel terrace where complimentary foot rubs (photo at left) kept high heeled feet happy for hours. At 4am most of us called it an "early" night. MIAMI SURVIVAL TIP #4: pace yourselves the first few nights or you won't last out the week! Unless you're one of those super clubbers who can do five days straight with no sleep (or drugs)... you know who you are, and we are in awe!!!


We make it to the beach on only our second morning, which is impressive. The sand is blindingly white and the water sparkling turquoise blue (photo) and cool but just perfect once you get in. Its actually so nice we don't want to get out, and float around for over an hour until we decide we must eat... and get to the Masters At Work party in our hotel. MIAMI DIET TIP: fill up on free Perrier and Rockstar energy drinks instead of eating. The Whitelaw lobby is as sparkling as the beverages, and we only tear ourselves away because we've got an interview scheduled with Tiesto at his album listening party. (Video interview on Raves.com very soon!). Since its only a few doors down at the Albion hotel pool, we poke our heads into the URB party, but its early and empty, and we get one of those MIAMI CLASSIC TEXT MESSAGES that says "Come 2 _____ now!" in this case, the Positiva party at the National hotel. Our timing is perfect, as we walk down by the long reflecting pool we run into Jes who is going to be performing her hit with Gabriel & Dresden "As The Rush Comes" in just a few minutes. This was one of our RECORDS OF THE CONFERENCE last year, and what a hit it became!!

At the back we discover The Scumfrog on the decks, and as sees us a big smile lights up his face as he slides the cross fader into the most incredible tune... recognizable almost, but definitely new... and it clicks as Static Revenger walks behind the decks to give him a big hug: It's their incredible new track "So High", produced by Static Revenger and now coming out on The Scumfrog's new record label in the US. It's been out since late last year as a Spanish or Australian import, but since its just coming out now in the US (and it made the pool party turn into a frenzy of splashing and dancing) we feel secure to announce "So High" is one of our RECORDS OF THE CONFERENCE this year!!

As you can imagine, it was nearly impossible to drag ourselves away, but we had to go see the screening of that other documentary on electronic music, "Put the Needle on the Record." Not as many people as I expected showed up, but the red carpet highlights for me were Liquid Todd, Dave Ralph and Jesse Saunders - because I could invited them to our screening on Monday!! I don't think I can possibly provide an objective opinion on the film, so I won't review it here. Suffice to say I was relieved.

By the end of the day, despite our best efforts at pacing ourselves, we were exhausted and crashed out for a nap... which almost turned into a full night of sleep!! (That is NOT supposed to happen in Miami!!) Luckily all three of us got a text at 2am (you cannot ignore that much beeping in one hotel room) saying "Come 2 Aquaviva!!" That would be John Aquaviva's party. I couldn't get the other two out of bed but I was not going to miss Matthew Dear who was playing on the terrace. I slipped into a pair of flip flops and a dress and was out the door - made it to Privledge in 15 minutes. This was my BEST NIGHT OUT DANCING! Spent three hours dancing non-stop, alternating between the sauna that was Richie Hawtin downstairs and cooling off to the minimal complexity of Matthew Dear. Would have kept going if they hadn't closed it down. Unforgettable night!!


Today was the big day!!! Our free daytime party "Laid" on the terrace of the Leslie Hotel and then at 8pm our Peace, Love and Beats documentary screening. I grabbed our VirginMega gift bags, Peace, Love & Beats posters, Angelique's Putamayo CDs, and Raves.com tshirts, stuffed them all into a rolling suitcase and wheeled on over to The Leslie hotel. The music had already started and some wonderfully outgoing upbeat people (who obviously hadn't been at Hawtin five hours earlier) were eating breakfast at the tables. Up went the posters and everyone happily started putting on the free tshirts (photo).... and it just kept getting better from there! MIAMI SURVIVAL TIP #5: leave plenty of room in your suitcase to take home all the free t-shirts, gear and music!!

The Leslie is right on Ocean Ave, which is the street that runs right along next to, you guessed it, the Ocean. The art deco hotels line one side, and the beach the other. The fantastic crew from Fifty-two Entertainment had the sound system set up just right, so it was loud enough to make you want to dance even if you were hanging out on the beach, but you could still have a conversation if you stood in front of the DJ booth. So many people stopped by to say hi and enjoy the sun and the music!! (more photos) Pornstar had sponsored the party with all these outrageous stickers (photo), which people were sticking on everything, no doubt due to the $3.99 vodka Red Bull drink specials... Dave Dresden was winding the energy up... then these French boys stood up on their chairs... Dave Ralph showed up having hot footed it up from the late docking of the Sasha boat party... and Superfly our gracious host dragged the tables out of the way... and the terrace became a packed dancefloor spilling out on the to the sidewalk and our block party was rocking!! Based on these and other eyewitness experiences I must dutitfy nominated Laid for BEST PARTY OF MIAMI!!! I may be a little biased but it just doesn't get much better than that, boys and girls.

Like superman in his telephone booth, I hopped into a taxi and changed into my movie premier outfit with only 15 minutes before our screening started. Our director Mike Burns and Art Director Shahram Shokrian had done an amazing job, covering the entire front of the screening venue (Rumi at 330 Lincoln) with Peace, Love & Beats posters, running a red carpet and lighting it up for the celebrities and DJs to arrive. Angelique was set to spin her signature sexy house as the celebrities, DJs and guests arrived however, the crazy party of the night before had taken its toll, and the mixer was completely non-functional. Luckily she had her latest mix CD on her and saved us from a musical disaster. (Click for photos of: Angelique, Deepsky (Jason Blum), Jesse Saunders, Killer Kella, Larry Tee, Liquid Todd, Mark Lewis, and Von Shock) Rumi is normally a lounge bar, but they cleared out the central tables of the long space and dropped two large screens from the 2nd story balconies so that everyone seated in the half-oval banquettes could watch from either direction. The response to the film was very positive and now I can't wait to see it on a really big screen at our Hollywood premier in April! Seeing our faces that big wasn't as bad as I thought it would be ;)

The excitement of the day party and screening completely wiped us out, but its amazing what a quick nap can do to recharge your clubbing batteries. MIAMI SURVIVAL TIP #6: naps between daytime and evening events are essential! On our way up to our room, we paused in our lobby and were pleasantly surprised to catch the tail end of the BPM had a warm up mixer with some sweet chill out music going on for the party we were attending later that night: the Renaissance Thrive party at Nerve. But our crisp white sheets and pillows were calling... Revved up and ready to go a few hours later, we strolled up Washington to eat some sushi before heading to the club.

There was some party going on at the Astor, with music pumping out through the high wall of bushes. Soulful, sweet, deep house with an inspiring vocal and mezmerizing bass line. We all slowed our pace and then just stopped in the middle of the sidewalk to listen. "What is that??!?" I asked our group. "I think that's the new Kaskade." Angelique said, "we have to go in and dance to that!!" We walked up and the doorman magically let us all in instantly, and we danced to what would become another of our RECORDS OF CONFERENCE: Kaskade's "Stepping Out" the first single off his upcoming artist album called "In The Moment." There had been a Kaskade listening party earlier in the day, but because of our own event, I couldn't go... but somehow everything always works out in Miami!! Smiles all around and as the next song kicked in we moved on.

"This is like being at musical Disneyland! Let's go get on the sushi ride!!" Suitable fortified we continued up to the Renaissance Thrive ride. It looked safe enough... until I notice a band was setting up. Band? I didn't realize there would be a band. I was kind of disappointed, because the energy at Nerve was fantastic, the place was packed wall to wall - you couldn't barely move, but somehow there was plenty of room to dance as long as you stayed in your one claimed spot. Then they came on. All of the sudden our fun but not unexpected musical rollercoaster turned into an E ticket ride! "Who IS this??!?" I asked the guy next to me who was jumping up and down between other fantastic dance moves. "I have no idea!!" The crowd turned into a sea of hands in the air at every breakdown, the music was like Underworld to the tenth power!! Three guys, one on keyboards playing out the synth chords and breakbeat basslines while singing, the other doing something on some other gear in the middle (managing loops?) and a third... finally I see Lee Kurisu from Thrive Records who were throwing the party, and ask, "Who are these guys???"

His reply: "Infusion." Oh, Infusion! I'd heard of them before, they'd played live in LA one weekend when I was out of town, and had collaborated with Junkie XL on two of his album tracks. They were good producers, but live... live they were absolutely incredible, like nothing I've ever seen. It pushes their hot new single "Girls Can Be Cruel" into our hall of fame as one of the RECORDS OF CONFERENCE and they also walk away with BEST LIVE ACT and MAGIC MIAMI MOMENT awards for an unplanned discovery of some amazing talent! Nothing could top Infusion, and once they stepped off the stage, we stepped out of the club and called it a night.


Tuesday was a blur... we slept in and planned on hitting the beach for a few hours. As I was standing the the lobby of our hotel, grooving to none other than Christopher Lawrence on the decks, a photographer I know asks me if I know what Kaskade looks like, since he's supposed to meet him there for a photo shoot. I look around the small gathering, but don't see Ryan Raddon (aka Kaskade) anywhere, though I do see Gunnar from Om Records, who should know where Ryan is... he says, "You know Ryan, don't you?" I should, since I interviewed him in person a year ago but... Gunnar taps someone on the shoulder and a rockstar looking guy turns around, crisp collared shirt casually worn just so, stylist hat perched rakishly to one side, mirrored designer sunglasses under the brim. "Ryan???!" What a transformation!!! The sweet understated boyish look has given way to full-fledged rockstar! I tell him so and he laughs!!

We do get to the beach for a little bit (it's too cold to go in the water today though) and on our way back in who was on the decks in our lobby but DJ Dan. All week long the BPM Boutique in the lobby and terrace of our hotel had the most amazing music... and seeing these guys so up close and personal was otherworldly. For that the BPM Hotel and their BPM Boutique series of events were by far the BEST MIAMI HOTEL EVENTS.

Now it was time for the DanceStar awards! The fantastic folks at Paradise Limo who has driven us around in their stretch Excursion last year all through filming, offered us the same limo to the DanceStar awards. We walked the red carpet and after some champagne and schmoozing in the Gold Lounge, were seated sat in the nominee section, on a white cushion graced with a copy of the DanceStar 2004 magazine (very nice) and Smynt mints (nice too). Raves.com was nominated for BEST WEBSITE but the winner this year was iTunes. Perhaps next year if they redesign the categories so that there is one for BEST FILE SHARING APPLICATION we'll win the Best Website! We were absolutely thrilled to get nominated and there is always next year.

DanceStar is like the Grammy's of electronic music - it's larger than life to watch their high-end production, from the opening number of Paul van Dyk, Moby and Perry Farrell (aka Precision Guided Musicians) performing a remake of Lou Reed's "Walk On The Wild Side" to Dave Dresden, Josh Gabriel and Jes (aka Motorcycle) performing their hit single "As The Rush Comes" and The Crystal Method doing their "Born Too Slow" our prediction for the rise of the live electronic act as a trend was taken to new levels. The awards were a star studded event hosted by Carmen Electra. Celebrity presenters included Paris Hilton, Tommy Lee, Yoko Ono, Boy George and Moby, along with nearly every top DJ in the world. It is kind of neat to see these celebrities in person, but in a way it doesn't make any sense to have them presenting dance music awards... I mean, when they can't even pronounce the winner correctly! When URB one for best magazine, Dave Navarro said, "You Are Be" (spelled it out). Oops! I suppose it raises the profile of the awards and that's worth a few misprouncinations. Paul van Dyk and The Crystal Method swept the show with three awards each, Deep Dish with two, and the rest of the winners can be found at www.dancestar.com

Fortunately, the forecast for rain was wrong, because the awards were in the open air ampitheater at Bayfront park in downtown Miami. Unfortunately, temperatures plummeted and "Bayfront Park" means right on the water, with the windchill factor bringing the temperature down to what felt like freezing. We retreated to the limo twice to try to warm ourselves up enough to return and watch the entire show, but were so positively frozen by the end as the fireworks exploded we made a dash back to our heated retreat and to South Beach.

The DanceStar afterparty was as star studded as the event itself. We were back at Mynt, the club we had been to the first night, so our clubbing journey had made a full circle. We were among the first to arrive, so imagine our surprize when our own Peace, Love & Beats documentary was playing on the giant screen behind the DJ!! I turned to Mike our director who said to me, "how did you arrange that??!" Well, I didn't!!! Everyone was watching as the venue filled up, and obviously we were thrilled, if mystified! At first I thought it was that Elliott, who does the PR for DanceStar, had somehow decided to surprize us with this major exposure for our film, but the version we had sent him weeks before did not have the exact same opening credit sequence. Somehow they had exactly the copy we had played the night before... all of the sudden, Mike says, "you know what? I left our screening copy in the DVD player at Rumi, it was stuck and I couldn't get it out." I thought he was kidding. He wasn't. It turns out the same AV people that we had hired to do our visuals at Rumi for our screening were doing the visuals for the DanceStar afterparty, with the same DVD player, and they couldn't get the DVD out so they were just running it!!! They ran it all the way through to after we cover the DanceStar awards (about half way) and then obviously they tried to get it out again, but couldn't, and started the whole thing all over again!! At this point we were feeling a little self-conscious, when Carmen Elecktra is looking at you and then at your face on the screen and back at you trying to figure out who you are (ok actually that wasn't so bad, if a little intense!!) I was all for staying but the rest of our cast was feeling a little self conscious, so we left.

By this point we were pretty partied out, but there was one event we couldn't miss: the legendary annual Om Records party. This year it was being held at Opium Garden, a spectacular open air club down between 1st and 2nd street. Having learned our lesson from years past, we wanted to get there as early as possible to be able to get in - this party is so popular they reach capacity often within the first hour, and there was no way we were spending any more time out in the cold! The crowd was massive out front but luckily we had planned in advance and our VIP laminates slipped us right through. It was the perfect ending to what has been a perfect week in Miami. Kaskade opens up the night, followed by Mark Farina, Miguel Migs, and Marques Wyatt. Our own Dan Brotman (from futuremusic.com where we syndicate our Industry News) is playing live percussion at 3:00am with Miguel Migs, and the crowd is going crazy. Our sleep deprived bodies and brains are surviving on red bull fumes at this point, but we hang in there till after 4am and then enjoy a long walk home.

Another Miami has come and gone, and what have we learned? That music is good and friends to share it with make it even better. We were impressed and pleased with the successful co-existance of M3 Summit, The Remix Hotel and the hundreds of other separate events with the traditional WMC, and it will be interesting to see how these elements play out in the future. This year's conference may be over, but the Miami Magic will be there waiting for us when we return. Life doesn't get any better than this!

Peace, love & beats,
Jennifer Warner
Editor-in Chief
& the Raves.com crew!!





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