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Pete Moutso has been the Music Director and Resident DJ at Glow since its beginning over four years ago. Glow is the name of their weekly Saturday night event that started at Zei Club in DC and moved to its current home at Club Insomnia for the last two years. Club Glow has played host to the finest in European trance, counting globally recognized acts such as Tiesto, Paul van Dyk, Ferry Corsten, Armin van Buuren, Judge Jules, George Acosta, Cor Fijneman and Scott Bond among its residents and regulars. With their One Night at Glow mix CD compilation release, DC's own Pete Moutso has created an album that reflects the Glow experience. Kristofer got Pete on the phone for the lowdown on the club, the CD and what it takes to Glow!

Kristofer: When you started Glow, what was your goal?

Pete Moutso: I just wanted to bring over the DJs/Producers/Remixers who influenced me. In the beginning, I used to DJ from 10pm-6am and we only had guest djs once a month if that. At the time, Buzz was well established but I wanted to bring a totally different sound to Glow that Buzz wasn't. Our first big dj was George Acosta and soon after German Trance djs Talla 2xlc, Taucher, Cosmic Gate, Scott Project and Dumonde became regulars. We geared the Glow sound towards harder edge German Trance. Then I became friends with Tijs Verwest (aka. Tiesto) and his label partner Arny Bink in 1999 and they introduced me to the progressive Dutch sound that we currently push. I'm proud to say that Glow was the first US gigs for Ferry Corsten, Armin van Buuren, Marco V, Scott Project, Dumonde, Cosmic Gate and one of the first for Tiesto and Johan Gielen.

How does someone get lucky enough to become part of a DJ crowd like yours, Pete?

Luck is right! You need luck nowadays because there are so many talented DJs out there. I was lucky because I was also part of a promotion (Panorama Productions is our promotions company that throws Glow and numerous other parties in DC) that believed in my sound. It seems like every club in DC plays Hip hop because to owners, that's what sells liquor and packs their venues. However, even with all the Trance is dead crap that was said two years ago, and with the emergence of hip hop as a mainstream sounds were still doing well!

What were your musical influences growing up? What guided you into electronic music?

Growing up I always loved dance music. I had an older cousin that used to DJ house parties and I wanted to do the same thing. I would travel with him and help him set up, and I became a record junkie. I was also very influenced by radio (believe it or not!!). In DC there is a station 95.5 WPGC (before it was hip hop) that used to have mix shows on the weekends that were amazing. They would play the best house music, and I would record the sets and try to emulate them at home. I bought my first set of turntables and a cheap Gemini mixer at the age of 15 and I was DJing house parties and giving mixes to anyone that had ears! I was lucky enough to learn from one of DC's legendary DJs Reggie Wilson and I had the honor to open for him at the Spy Club every Saturday night. Reggee was a resident at Tracks, Spy and he influenced many DJs like Ali and Sharam of Deep Dish. As I got older, I met George Acosta and he influenced me with his harder German trance sound. Then about four years ago, I met Tiesto who was just starting his label and record shop and he got me into the progressive trance sound that I favor today. Tiesto helped me greatly by always sending me promos from his Black Hole Record label and vinyl from his record shop. In four years he has worked hard and deserves to be #1 but he has not changed one bit and is a great friend that has guided me.

What is it about trance, specifically, that you like? I'm a trance head myself and it's one of my favorite electro genres, and I'm curious to see if your reasons are similar to mine in why you favor trance.

I think what makes trance special is where you are when you first hear it. For me it was hearing Robert Miles Children at a club in Athens, Greece. The feeling I got from that uplifting track made it seem like that song was an hour long! For others, their first club experience might have been at club like Glow or Buzz and they hear a trance song that changes their lives.

On your latest Glow mix, a 2 CD set, One Night at Glow: Washington DC, you kept the energy fairly restrained throughout the first disc, which I described in my review (click to read it here) as melodic trance, and saved the epic power for the second. Is this a typical Moutso set? Do you like to slowly draw the dancer/listener in and whack them with the power deep into the session? Do you do this because you feel it's better not to show all your best stuff up front?

The first CD builds from progressive to tech trance. The second CD is more Uplifting trance. I wanted to give the listener the feel of a typical night at Glow. When I am the Headliner at Glow (once a month) I start off more progressive and slowly build it up. You cant bang it for six hours you have to slowly take the crowd on a journey. I like to have every song set up for the next song and take the clubbers to the next level with every track.

What would you say your favorite style of trance is?

I love progressive trance that tells a story. Of course I'm a fan of all the djs/producers that I bring to Glow.

What established, big time DJs do you consider to be influences?

I consider Tiesto, Ferry Corsten and Armin van Buuren as good friends that have influenced me personally.

Are there any up-and-comers you've got your eye on? Anybody we should be watching out for?

I think that there are some great dj/producers waiting to be the next Tiestos/Ferrys/van Dyks! Cor Fijneman (Holland) is one of the producers for Tiesto who's track Healing is on my CD and had a huge hit this year with Venus (featuring Jan Johnson). I think Marco V (Holland) will blow up. His sound is so uniqueSand all Paul van Dyk, Tiesto, Armin all push his productions. On the progressive front, I believe the next big ones will be Josh Gabriel and Dave Dresden. They got a lot of recognition because Tiesto used their productions on his Nyana and In Search of Sunrise 3 CDs. Also, UK's James Holden has productions like Nothing that are being pushed by the likes of Sasha/Digweed, Tiesto, Armin, etc.

Tell me what other forms of electronic music you like, and why?

My first love was house music. I had David Morales play for my birthday party at Glow three years ago!

What do you have to say to people that accuse trance of being a repetitive genre?

Those people are ignorant. I gave up defending trance a long time ago to the snobs.

Tell me what trance CDs you consider to be required listening.

I love Tiesto's In Search of Sunrise 2 and 3. Ferry Corsten's album Out of The Blue is amazing!

What projects do you have lined up at the moment? Any interesting news?

Glow will be a very big presence this year at WMC. Last year we threw a party with Ferry Corsten and Armin van Buuren that was awesome. This year we will do four BIG partiesS.but I cant say who/what/when or where yet ;) Glow in DC in 2004 will undergo some BIG changes that everyone will like J

What does the future hold for Pete Moutso?

I am doing another CD for Tiesto's Black Hole Recordings label. It will be a part of the In Trance We Trust series that in the past has mixes from the likes of Ferry Corsten, Johan Gielen, Armin van Buuren and the boss Tiesto himself.

Do you have any suggestions or advice for bedroom DJs who aspire to getting into the business?

Don't give up. Never compromise your sound for the sake of getting a gig. Stick to your guns. Don't get caught up in the nightlife.

Thanks for your time, Pete. Any final comments?

For more info on One Night at Glow just visit www.onenightatglow.com. For more info on Glow just visit www.clubglow.com.




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