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When it comes to DJs/Producers on the rise, few can fail to overlook the DC-based duo of Saeed Younan and Palash Ahmed, better known as Saeed & Palash. Through the combined ability to morph a track into their stylized version of tribal harmony, they have been turning heads across the globe. Saeed and Palash were even recognized early this year for their amazing talents behind the decks when they were nominated in the Breakthrough DJ category at the 2003 DanceStar USA awards held in Miami, Florida during the Winter Music Conference. In the fall of 2003, they began the Addictive Sessions radio program broadcast on various stations worldwide, which is rapidly gaining popularity and helping to make Saeed and Palash household names.

With their latest release Addictive Beats (Star 69), Saeed and Palash have again developed a technically well-composed look into the world of the deep house and tribal dancefloor. Each half of the album serves as an outlet for both Saeed and Palash to show what they bring to the duo while also adapting mixes that stand on their own.

Recently, Saeed and Palash took some time to give us a little insight into their views on their music and the exposure they have received.

Shawn Wallace: Do you think of yourselves more as "DJs who produce" or "Producers who also spin"?

SAEED: Since I started out as a DJ first... I see myself as a DJ that produces. but now I see my self as a DJ who produces what he spins. I love going in the studio and manipulating tracks and doing re-edits so I can spin them out and see people reaction.

PALASH: I started Djing in 86 and only started producing in the mid 90s so I'm a DJ who produces.

What do you think has been the key factor for the surge of interest in your work over the last year or two?

SAEED: We always put 110% in everything we do... from remixes to djing to running our label. it's a lot of hard work for 2 people. so it's nice to be recognized for it all... thank you.

PALASH: we've been working hard for a long time but in this business, it takes a while for your work to get recognized.

What have been some of the bigger moments of your careers so far?

SAEED: Seeing the world and meeting good people that appreciate what you do. It's the best feeling in the world when someone comes up to you and say how you've touched their life with your music.

PALASH: Djing at some of the clubs that I used to read about in the music press. Plus making so many new friends around the world.

Are you currently holding residencies (together or solo)? And if so, where?

SAEED: I Play at a club in DC called RED... I've been playing there for over 6 years. it's the only real underground house club in DC with a wicked sound system and the most intimate venue you could ever find.

PALASH: Not currently but I've been thinking of doing a small residency in town. Something for my friends. We also play at ARC in new york every other month. So I guess that's a sort of residency.

Are either of you (or both) involved in any current side projects other than your releases as Saeed & Palash?

SAEED: I've done some solo stuff in the past for labels like Yoshitoshi, Strictly Rhythm, Groove on, Twisted, and others... I've also got 2 remixes included on the mix comp we currently have out (Saeed & Palash Addictive Beats) One being a remix of Loco Dice "Phat Dope Shit" and the other is "Tweakin" by Thick Dick.

PALASH- Nope, besides what we do together, I've got a lot of other projects and commitments so I really don't have a lot of time.

How did it feel to be nominated for Best Breakthrough DJ at the Dancestar USA 2003 awards show?

SAEED: Loved it... it's a great feeling to be recognized for something you love so much.

PALASH: Was very nice. Honored that people like our music enough to nominate us.

How would you describe the overall sound of your new release "Additive Beats"?

SAEED: Sophisticated house music with tribal beats and teched out grooves.

PALASH: House music!! That's it.

How has the response been so far?

SAEED: Excellent... we get a lot of e-mail from people saying how much they love the CD. I have a friend that works in tower records in D.C. and he said a guy walked in and purchased 4 copies... when my friend asked him why 4 copies? he said "man this CD is so good I had to go out and buy 4 more for my friends... . Now that's cool as shit :)

PALASH: Really good. Lots of great responses from people who usually listen to other genres.

Do any of the tracks in particular seem to standout? Are there any that the crowds are really feeling?

SAEED: I get a lot of people asking about the Thick Dick remix of "Tweakin" since that particular mix is not out yet.

PALASH: I've been getting a great response from the David Gausa "Vibe of the Iberican Beats" track.

How does Addictive Beats differ from your previous work?

SAEED: If you listen to both Tide Edit and Addictive Beats... you'll notice a small but significant change... I say the sound has matured and it show how divers we can be.

PALASH: I think our sound has evolved since Tide Edit. Its hard to explain, we just do what's in our heart.

Since you each mix your own disc on Addictive Beats, how much conversation/input goes on between each of you regarding the other one's disc?

SAEED: We pick out the tracks we wanna use and go in the studio and mix our CD. Simple as that.

PALASH: We each pick our tracks and mix our own cd. The only input in the other cd is to make sure we're not using the same tracks but other then that, its totally up to each person.

For Saeed: How would you describe Palash's disc to a new listener?

SAEED: I'd say big room Tribal beats with a prog/techno edge.

For Palash: How would you describe Saeed's disc to a new listener?

PALASH: Good deep house music for a drive.

What were some of the aspects that each of you liked from the tracks that made it onto the album? Are there any particular sounds or themes you were looking for when planning out the track list?

SAEED: I wanted to make a party CD..nothing too serious... just something for people to get down to. So I decided to do something fun and have a sample intro with a guy saying "hey the party is over, let's all go back to my place" which is funny cause I've been known to say that a lot to my friends after a club. So when my friends heard that... they were all laughing cause they knew what I was trying to do. Picture it this way... my disc takes you from a deep vibey car ride from a club to my house for the after-hours, and things just get crazy and the party is full on... that's the theme I guess.

PALASH: I just wanted to capture a set I would play at one of my favorite clubs. This is a mixed dance cd so I wanted to make sure people would move their asses to the disc. :)

How has the feedback been for your Addictive Sessions radio show?

SAEED: Excellent... we've got more radio stations asking us to do the same with them.

PALASH: Excellent. The stations are very eager for each session and lots more signing up.

Where/how often is the show broadcast? Is it live?

SAEED: Yes, it's mixed live from our gigs all over. and it's broadcast some stations once a month and ever other month.

PALASH: Monthly live mix from a featured club which changes every month.

What else can we expect from you in the future?

SAEED: More Funky Beats, and an artiest album that's gonna drop early next year on Distinctive Records.

PALASH: we are touring the world in support of the cd right now.

Do you have any remixes slated for release during the rest of 2003?

SAEED: We are concentrating on our artiest album right now... we've pushed remix projects aside for now. But we do have a remix for Columbia Records called "Music" by Vivian Green coming out end of the year and we're also working on a remix for STAR 69 Records.

PALASH: the artist album.

If you had your choice, who would be your dream artists to remix?

SAEED: J-Lo! just kidding... ummm maybe not :) I would really love to work with Bjork.

PALASH: I would love to work with Zakir Hussain.

Are there any new/upcoming releases (other than your own work) that you are looking forward to hearing?

SAEED: I just picked up the new Wink CD... I'm diggin that.

PALASH: I'm interested in hearing the new Basement Jaxx album.

Anything else you'd like the Raves.com audience to know?

SAEED: Yes, I like to thank the Raves.com Audience for the support and keepin the tribal vibe alive.

PALASH: Thanks for all the support, we really appreciate it!

Thank you!!

-- written by Shawn Wallace





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