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written by Annalee Stone

DJ Sasha is undeniably one the world's best known and loved DJ's ever to grace a set of turntables and set the dance floor on fire. Shy and quiet, Sasha takes on an entirely different persona once behind the decks and gives his fans more than just something to dance to. With this latest release on Global Underground, Involver Sasha has pushed the envelope so to speak regarding the standards of a mixed compilation CD.

Thinking of his fans and up and coming DJ's alike, Sasha took Involver to a whole new level with track-by-track info and insight to his thought processes and mind set of the putting together of his latest album. Wanting to do more for his following than normal, he took an extra 2 months to put together a package that gets his fans involved with the music and helps one to understand what it takes to make a quality mixed CD.

Sasha has been on his own now for nearly 3 years after his career took him away from his partnership with legendary John Digweed, however I learned that there might be some Delta Heavy shows with the duo coming up in the near future, (something to definitely look forward to!). Since the break Sasha has released his own artist's album as well as Involver all on Global Underground, and things couldn't be going any better for him. Learning to balance out his life in regards to studio time and tour time is something it seems he has finally accomplished, and something he explains was definitely necessary after his hectic tour in 2002.

Sasha's career is only getting brighter, as he graces the covers of more and more industry magazines, releases more quality albums and tours all over the world this year. Involver is a crafty, ingenious album that is definitely a must have for all Sasha fans and anyone looking for inspiration and knowledge about making music that everyone will love and appreciate (not to mention groove to) for years to come.

Why don't you tell me a little about the album and about the label you worked with.

Well I've worked with Global Underground since 1995 so I have a history with them, I think they are an important part of the club culture.

I see you have added some quite interesting extras to the album for DJ's and fans alike.

What happened was I'd just I signed a deal with GU to do another mixed compilation. Once I got into the studio and started playing around, I just didn't feel like doing just another mixed CD. The extras are that I gave my view on each track, to give a little insight to the thought processes that went behind each track and the thought process behind the mixes themselves.

I loved that idea, I think it was a great way to give more to your fans.

Yeah, when I did my first artist CD we did some press for it, and I gave a track-by-track description of each of the mixes and I got really great feedback on that. So when we were coming up with ideas for the packaging of this CD, I thought why don't we do that again.

How long has it been since you and John Digweed have worked together?

John and I haven't worked together very much over the last 2 to 3 years. Once we finished at Twilo, we went different directions. I was working on my artist album and this CD and touring on my own, so we haven't done very much together - though you know we played at the WMC conference together. It makes it very special when we do play together, because both of our careers have got lives of their own. When we're together it's definitely a strong thing. We have been thinking about doing some Delta Heavy shows maybe in the future.

Do you find it easier for you to work on your own in comparison?

Well, it's good to work with someone because you can bounce ideas off of them. I had quite a strong production team around me to make this album, I mean even though its my album I worked with engineers and sound designers and programmers to help me get the sound that I wanted. So it wasn't really a completely solo album.

How much longer did it take you to complete this project with all the extras you added in?

A normal mixed CD would normally take about a month to complete, this project took me about 3 months. It didn't add that much time to the record, but its still 3 times as much work. It's been a very satisfying to me, I mean other mixed albums I just didn't feel I was putting enough into it, so this project has been very satisfying for me.

Did you get to utilize any new equipment on this project?

We kind of changed around how we worked, actually we pretty much have been working 100% on the computer, trying new software, its pretty much a new approach in terms of technology.

So your on the cover of BPM Magazine, and you were also the 1st DJ featured on MIXMAG, on your website says, you are a very shy person and camera shy, but I have to say you look like a pro in these pictures, how do you cope with the stresses of the dreaded photo shoots?

I don't care too much for photo shoots - actually I don't really like it, I don't know it's weird. It's flattering all the attention and press that I get but at the same time I do struggle with it.

Why do you think that is?

I don't know maybe you should talk to my psychologist (laughing) It doesn't come naturally to me, that kind of stuff, but at the same time its very flattering, and of course its helping me sell my records and build my career.

You have a hell of a tour schedule, how do you do it?

Everyone keeps saying that to me, and actually this year is not that crazy you should have seen my schedule in 2002, that was fucking nuts! This year, yeah there is a lot of traveling... but in August 2002 I did 21 shows going back and forth from place to place and it wore me out. This year there is nothing too crazy, much more manageable.

Over your very lengthy and successful career what is the first thing that comes to mind when asked to think of a favorite moment from your past?

2002 was a really important year for me, I finished my album that I had been working towards for many years, the Delta Heavy Tour, that was a really big year for me, it was a year of contradictions, the promotion of my album, the tour really took a lot out of me, but it was definitely something I had been working towards for a while.

20 years from now, where do you see yourself? Still on the road promotion albums, in the studio mixing/producing albums, or taking it easy?

I'm sure producing and remixing will take over, being more important as I get older, you know life on the road is definitely tough you know. At the moment it's balanced out, I'm doing 6 months on the road 6 months off, I think I'm getting the balance better this year, maybe as I get older it will switch in the other direction. My studio will become more and more important to me as I grow older I'm sure.

LAST question. What do you have to say to all of your fans out there who love you and continue to buy your albums?
Um... I don't know really... Thank you and keep buying them!

Sasha's promotional tour of his album is currently underway and information of cities/venues/dates, as well as more information about his latest album, Involver can be found at his official website, www.djsasha.com



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