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Cooler Kids
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Cooler Kids
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It's Friday, the day before the music conference ends in Miami. Normally everyone is hurting so much from the three days and nights of partying prior, venues tend to look more like dark airport waiting room (slump in your seat and have a drink) than hopping nightclubs. No one told the 600 or so people smashed into Bash, jumping up and down, cheering, and scrambling for the CDs being tossed into the crowd by the makers of the music that has them going so wild. That would be Somboinx & Lindsay, the Chicago duo who perform their infectious funky chunky house music live and have churned out a barrelful of vinyl on their Q-Studios label that's been heating up dancefloors from coast to coast to coast. Lindsay was born Lindsay Frkovich in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 24 years ago, while Somboinx aka Adam Scott Nelson calls Laconia, New Hampshire his home. We got the chance to talk to the dynamic duo about how they got together to make such sexy sounds and here's what they said!


What was the first song you ever learned to sing?

I've got a killer rendition of the ABC's on tape from age 4! but I learned to sing the Shirelles and Chiffons songs when I was pretty small. I love Motown from the early 1960's. Also "The Greatest Love of All" by Whitney Houston.

Did you always want to be a singer, or were there other careers you considered?

I knew I wanted to be a singer from as far back as I can remember. It always seemed to be the natural choice for me.

What prompted you to move from Milwaukee to Chicago?

I came to Chicago at age 18 to attend Columbia College for music and theatre performance. I graduated in 2001.

How did you end up the manager of Q Studios... and what is Q Studios exactly?

Adam and I met across the Damen L' platform in 1998. To make a long story short it was love at first sight and we started making music together right away. My Dad owns a recording and video studio in Milwaukee, so I fit right in at Q Studios. Over the past 5 years Adam and I have transformed our space into a state of the art studio. I guess I do more of the managerial duties because I'm more organized!!

What role to do you play in the song making process: do you write lyrics or melodies on your own or work as a team, or do you stick to singing them?

I write my own lyrics and melodies. Sometimes I come up with them ahead of time, I always have a songbook going with ideas in it. But more often Adam will start making a song and I will sit in the studio with him and get an idea. It may start with one melody line and a couple of lyrics, and then I will just write the song as he is making the music. But we give each other ideas as we go along. This format has proven to be the best for us.

If you had to say you sounded like a famous singer - or a combination of famous singers, who would that be?

I don't know who I sound like , but I have found inspiration from a variety of singers, from Joni Mitchell, Ella Fitzgerald, Madonna, and a lot of disco to Motown female singers.


How did you come up with the name Sombonix?

Came up with it while at college in 1988 as part of a longer name Blastarataphrap Misongalaphatumsh Ongalasombionx.

Oh, of course, we should have known! ;) What was the first rave or club that you went to and what was it like?

Axis on Lansdown St. in Boston 1989. The club changed decor every month. They moved the bars the changed the sculptural displays and occupied 3 floors behind Fenway Park. It was more industrial music Front 242, Nitzer Eb, Dessau.

What made you decide to become a DJ?

Got tired of babysitting a rock band and all the crap that goes along with that. I was renting studio space to Johnny Fiasco for 5 years so I was always around the music and the people.

Were you a DJ before you were producing electronic music?

I was producing electronic music as far back as 1985 but it was far from the House, Hip Hop and DNB I make now.

What are a few of your current and all-time favorite records and artists?

Too hard to answer. I always like to drop Bob Sinclair's "The Ghetto" Inland Knights records are usually pretty good to me.


To someone who's never been able to see you perform, how would you describe it and your music?

We create and perform House music, some of it is funky some tribal and deep. Lindsay sings her lyrics over me spinning Dub Plates of our tracks in a continuous mix usually followed by a bangin' set of jackers that would get your mom shakin' her booty.

What is one of the wildest, craziest things that's ever happened to you while you've performed?

A dancing crowd of 600 cheered when we dropped "Reptile" at WMC 2003. It let us know that our music was not only reaching a lot of people globally but was both memorable in a sea of House music and highly regarded. I feared the club would be clearing out by the time we came on at 4am but they danced right up to the lights coming on at 6. We signed a lot of foreheads that morning and watched people scramble to get the CD-Roms we were tossing down on them.

Was there ever something that happened, a hardship or a setback, that had you thinking you might quit music altogether? How did you get past that?

Never thought I would quit but the hardships and setbacks certainly had an affect through the years. More often than not, its out of your control. Making music is easy but when you try to sell it or sell yourself and the business end of music is not your forte you face some headaches. I will always keep pushing on.

Have you ever been out and randomly heard someone playing one of your records?

What was that like and what did you do when you heard it? We have friends that call from overseas saying they heard us in a club or on the radio. One friend went to 3 different clubs in one night and heard "Reptile" played at all of them!

What do you think of the state of the club scene in the US and abroad right now? What's the scene like in Chicago compared to in the past?

It seemed better before but I think there is just to much going on so the whole scene is watered down. Big DJs are demanding too much money which is killing the promoters. I believe that a lot of the people attending nowadays have no idea who they are there to see. In my opinion the big priced overseas DJs are not drawing the big crowds but getting paid as if they were. Clubs are not as automatically packed as they used to be and I think the built in crowds of a few years ago made those DJs think it was somehow their doing. I am up to my neck in the Dance music scene and I don't know who some of these supposed big draw names are so how could the people from the burbs know?

Have you seen the clubs you play in be affected by the any sort of legal or police crackdown?

I have seen no indication of authority killing the party. I think they have been more lenient since 911 sorta like "let the people party". You cant crack down on the populace when the economy is suffering. Nobody wants to be the buzz kill these days in my opinion.

Tell us what you're working on right now.

We are nearly finished with a full length CD/CDROM that has radio versions of our releases to date as well a lot of brand new material. We have 2 tours we are booking in support of the release and are putting together a live band for next summer so that we can perform our music with live Bass, Drums, Guitar, Strings and Keys.

What do you want to accomplish with all that you do?

We hope to be able to take what we now do in clubs to a larger audience at live venues and festival stages. The music is cross over Dance but retains true roots of Chicago's "HOUSE" sound and we believe it is perhaps the most approachable/enjoyable sub genre within Electronic music. People throughout the states still refer to everything played in clubs as Techno so it will take some time for them to learn the term "House" but they will be shakin' their booty regardless.

Anything else you'd like to say to the Raves.com audience?

Check out our web sites as they have most of our (Quicktime) Videos and Mp3s. We host a couple other sites as well. http://www.qstudios.tv Our studio main site http://www.qstudios.tv/miami Our interactive press kit http://www.jimijon.com Our main portal http://www.the-joint.net Booking agency site, contact LadyJ@the-joint.net. Thanks!

-- interview by Jennifer Warner





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