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DJ, producer, vocalist... you'll go into orbit after you spend some time with Suzy Solar! Her mix CDs The Perfect Trance and The Perfect Trance 2.0 topped Billboard's Electronica charts, and her weekly internet radio shows are heating up speakers worldwide. T minus 3, 2, 1...

Here's our interview with Suzy Solar, and her full biography below!

Raves.com: Who is Suzy Solar? Tell us about yourself?

Suzy Solar: I'm a DJ, vocalist, writer, and producer from Florida, USA. I'm a former television producer and host, and was in a punk/death metal band before that. I love to travel and meet new people and my goal in life is to bring happiness to people's lives.

I understand that you have a track on the latest Oakenfold CD? What the story behind it and what can we expect?

"Ocean of Love" is my first track, co-produced with Miss Shiva and Steve Kay from Germany. My good friend, Daniel Wanrooy and his producing partner Robin Van Der Wiel, made the "Odyssee Breakbeat Remix" that's featured on Oakenfold's CD. Odyssee also made a trance remix and Steve Kay and I are working on other remixes. We are expecting a 12" single released in the near future. This track had been sitting around for a while and I had a hunch to go to Oakenfold's show and give it to him personally. A couple of months later, I got a call from his office about licensing it for his "Creamfields" CD.

It seems that female DJ's are hot right now....especially the ones that can actually play records. How has being a woman impacted your career in a world full of girls with no skills who spin naked?

Being female in any male dominated profession comes with more scrutiny. It's imperitave that females stay 110% on top of our game in order to make it in this world. My talent, business skills, and love for music and people has a much bigger impact on my career than just my gender alone. Image is also important, so being female has proven to be a nice bonus.

Who are YOUR favorite Female DJ's?

DJ Keri, Sandra Collins, Jackie Christie, DJ Rap, Lysa Oldhams.

I saw you at The DJ Expo in Atlantic City with DJ Keri, and Jackie Christie. Tell us about the show.

That was a blast! I spoke on two seminar panels at the International DJ Expo, one of which was with DJ Keri, Jackie Christie, and Lysa D. Afterwards, the four of us played at the "Women on Wax" party at Deja Vu. I love playing shows with other females because the common ground we have creates a bond. We played different styles so the night varied in sound and there was something for everyone.

Describe your style, your sound.

My sound is basically proper trance and progressive, with a touch of breakbeat, techno, and/or house, depending on what the vibe is at the moment. My mixing style is equalized smoothly into long, deep layers. I like taking listeners on a unique, emotional journey, while keeping the energy pumped up between 135 and 145BPM. When I play live, I prefer being on a stage rather than a booth because I need to connect with my audience and play from the heart.

Where can we hear you now and what's up for the coming year?

Tune in to www.ets-global.org every Wednesday 2 - 4pm EST to hear my live show "Solar Power Sessions." I also broadcast live on www.tranceairwaves.com every third thursday of the month. For those of you with XM or Worldspace Satellite Radio, catch me on "Future Progession." Digital cable television owners, catch me on "Resident Nation" on Music Choice and DirecTV on the Dance Channel. I play every two months on both shows. You can also expect to see me on my next international tour very soon. I just signed with The Joint/Media Services NYC so they will be adding new venues to the ones my long-time partner had been getting me.

Now the tools. What are your tools of the trade? (Shameless plugs ok!)

For DJing, I have 4 Technics turntables, Pioneer 500 and 600 mixers, Pioneer CMX 3000 CD mixers, Pioneer EFX 500 effects box, and 3 Mackie Sr450 monitors.

What gear do you use in the studio?

I have a small studio that includes an Audio Technica AT4050 studio mic, PreSonusVXP pre amp, Access Virus Indigo, M-Audio Ozone midi keyboard, Reason 2.5, and Genelec studio monitors. When I produce tracks, I have producing partners who have full studios with everything we need.

What records make your day?

Anything that moves me emotionally and physically.

Do you have anyone sponsoring you right now?

I just signed a contract for SLAPPA Pro DJ Cases.

Fast facts questions: Favorite place to spin, favorite genre, weirdest party, place to avoid at all costs, thing that almost made you quit.

Fave place: Max Bell Arena for Apollo Productions' yearly Canada Day parties in Calgary, Canada.

Fave Genre: Trance.

Weirdest party I've played at: The Amphitheater's "Tantra" party in Tampa, Florida. Everyone had to show up in lingerie and bedwear in order to get in. The theme was sex and sexy music so I played a variety of sensual sounds. Then I got to judge the lingerie contest. Watching sexy, drunk, half naked girls dance was very entertaining for me, I loved it. The madness didn't stop there - the night ended with a contestant throwing punches at the audience.

Place to avoid: Marriott hotel South Beach. The food service attendant stole my laptop.

Thing that almost made me quit: There has never been a time when quitting popped into my head. I feel deep down that DJing and producing is what I'm supposed to be doing in life.

Thanks Suzy!

For more info and booking visit http://www.mediaservicesnyc.com



Suzy Solar is an internationally known and highly respected female DJ/producer with hit records under her belt. Suzy's premier mix CDs The Perfect Trance and The Perfect Trance 2.0 on Neurodisc/Capitol Records has topped Billboard's U.S. Electronica charts, and have made noise globally. Although Trance is her main love, she is versatile enough to move dance floors worldwide taking her listeners on a unique musical journey with her cross over blend of sensual epic Trance, hard Trance, hard House, Progressive House, Techno, and the occasional Progressive Breaks. Known for her energy, emotion, and tight mixing skills, Suzy has taken her ability to rock a crowd to headlining massive shows around the world. She has headlined tours with diverse crowds in such cities and countries that include El Salvador, Ecuador, Colombia, Germany, Holland, Panama, Canada, and all around the USA and Hawaii.

In addition to Suzy's varied list of talents, she is a highly skilled vocalist and lyricist, which only enhances her overall marketability. Her first track "Ocean Of Love" is co-produced with Miss Shiva and is featured on the Austrian compilation "Shiva-Colors".

Suzy's multi-faceted resume includes television appearances on The Playboy Channel's "Sorority Girls" 1997 (played a campus dj), "DJ Throwdown" 1999 (co-hosted with Vanilla Ice), and "The Morbid Underground" 1992-94, a Tampa based music video show she produced and hosted, where she interviewed top metal acts that include Pantera and White Zombie. Suzy's mixes have been aired on many prestigious dance channels, including Music Choice on digital cable television (in 34,000,000 homes across the US), Sirius Satellite Radio, Digitally Imported Radio, and "The System" on XM Satellite Radio, which is syndicated worldwide through Worldspace. You can catch Suzy Solar on her weekly internet show on www.ets-global.org and her monthly show on www.tranceairwaves.com. Suzy continues to be one of the most sought after female DJ's in the business. With her relentless schedule, you are sure to hear much more from this multi-talented artist for years to come.




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