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“…aggressive and fierce, but also willowy and lithe. Disregard the hip cachet, the bloated salaries, and the celebrity gigs: RALPH, like Oakenfold and Digweed, proves worthy of the superstar-DJ tag for all the right reasons.” --Boston Phoenix (April 6-12, 2001) With one of the fullest and most impressive resumes in dance music, DAVE RALPH is also one of the most loved characters in the music industry. A dedicated music lover and enthusiastic supporter of the genre, RALPH’s track record in providing clubbers with great DJ sets, unforgettable club nights and quality vinyl have guaranteed his place in the hearts of millions. Turning his back on the snobbery sometimes associated with the dance community, DAVE RALPH has been influential in breaking down barriers within the music and crossing genres in the spirit of good times and dance floor music.

Now settled in Miami, with an anticipated move soon to Massachusetts, the Liverpool, England native has set about capturing his fiery DJ production in NATURALIZED, his new double-disc mix CD for Kinetic Records. His third offering since arriving on American shores, NATURALIZED consists of over two dozen mesmerizing tracks blended together as a flowing, seamless and invigorating sonic landscape consisting of works by Slyder (“Multiple Cats”), Da Hool (“Meet Her At The Love Parade” - Pete Heller Mix), Deepsky (“Until The End Of The World”), Laurent Garnier (“The Man With The Red Face” - Jan Driver Mix), and Starecase (“Lost” - DAVE RALPH’s Resident Alien Mix) just to name a few. His own opening track, “Islands of Light” serves as a prelude/teaser for his next release, an all-original album.

A DJ for the past 23 years and a recording artist and producer since 1989, DAVE RALPH has built a name for himself in the UK. From his early days as a teenager in Liverpool, putting a mobile DJ unit together with a friend in order to provide a much needed outlet for “good music”, records have been RALPH’s passion. Soon building a name for himself in his hometown meant that he began to make a living from his hobby and his passion became his career. Says RALPH: “We got better and better and began earning money; it’s the best training ground in the world for being any kind of DJ. It teaches you to look at a crowd and entertain them.” RALPH’s specialty was mixing rock and pop with soul, funk, and disco, stumbling across house music in 1986 upon hearing Fingers Inc’s “The Washing Machine.” This pivotal moment was followed by a trip to see Sasha in 1989 and RALPH fell firmly under the spell of dance music.

At a time in the early 90’s when the club scene in Britain was undergoing a renaissance, DAVE RALPH was one of the DJ’s at the helm, mixing techno with house and trance, and providing clubbers with a night of “anything goes” party atmosphere. Instrumental in bringing new sounds from around the world to clubs across the UK, it was he who first sought out Paul Van Dyk, bringing him to England to spin for the very first time.

A real all-rounder, RALPH has spent every waking minute involved in musical projects of one kind or another. From DJing and managing DJs to producing other people’s music, recording music of his own and running a label, RALPH has made an impact in almost every area of dance music. He wrote, reworked and sang on the Bassheads’ classic “Is Anybody Out There?” and established GLOW Records. A stint on the 96’ Perfecto Tour brought him to the attention of Paul Oakenfold who was impressed by RALPH’s love of deep, lush house sounds. Spending a couple of years as Oakenfold’s support DJ of choice gave RALPH the opportunity to travel the globe honing his skills for an international crowd. A time spent as a resident for Cream in Ibiza was just a small part in a ten year summer pilgrimage to the island. It was in Ibiza in 1996 that Kinetic Records head Steve Lau discovered one of RALPH’s epic 4 hour sets in celebration of Oakey’s birthday and offered him a spot on rising star BT’s US tour. Returning in 1998 with Oakenfold on the Tranceport tour took RALPH to 50 cities in the US. Following the uber success of Oakenfold’s Tranceport CD (the best selling album of its kind at the time), RALPH mixed its successor TRANCEPORT II (1999). This was soon followed by LOVE PARADE: BERLIN--RALPH’s homage to the Love Parade, the day long festival in which German clubbers congregate on the streets of Berlin in celebration of dance music culture.

His own recording work is yet another feather to his cap. His work with Mike Koglin under the moniker of the Argonauts has won him hyperbolic praise (their singles “Sommertag” and “Fruhlingstag” being hailed as two of the most influential tunes in trance) and his on-going work as part of the UK-based Tea Freaks collective has seen him take on an even more diverse production role. Recording his own material is most definitely a priority at the moment. “I’m much happier making my own music than DJing. It’s the most gratifying thing I’ve every done. Being in a club and seeing people’s reactions to your music is amazing.”

Fans needn’t panic quite yet, RALPH’s still appearing regularly as a DJ. For someone who has played to rapturous receptions around the world in places as varied as Spain, Gemany, Brazil, Czechoslovaks, Argentina, Israel and Alaska, the DJ bug is still biting. “The DJing has been an amazing part of my life, to just stop and give it up is quite daunting. There must be a cut off point when you stop connecting, but I’m not there yet!” RALPH maintains increasingly popular residencies at some of the best clubs in the country, including Buzz in Washington DC, Axis and Avalon in Boston, Evolution in Philadelphia and a residency with John Curley and Pure Productions for Chicago.



NATURALIZED, Dave Ralph's new double-disc mix CD for Kinetic Records




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