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Miam Music Conference Report for 2005




Miami is over, and though we're still a bit blurry eyed from the lack of sleep (who can sleep with so many good parties and music?) and our ears are still ringing from the late nights of loud music, we couldn't wait to share all that we saw and heard last week with you right away! We have a two part report, one written, one photographs, as well as several video interviews that will be posted as separate features in the coming weeks. Click on any of the thumnail size photos in the written report below to get to our Miami Photo Gallery, and read on to find out all the news that fit to print from the Miami music conference.

Since the DanceStar awards didn't happen this year, we decided to hold our own awards show of sorts, our own 1st annual totally unofficial The Best Of Miami Conference Awards. Everyone and everything this week was a nominee! Well, except our own two parties which we in all fairness must disqualify, since we're completely biased about how they WERE THE BEST EVENTS EVER!!! (At least till 9pm when the police shut us down!) Special thanks to the promoters who made them happen (David @ Fifty-Two and Von Shock) and the DJs and who rocked them, including in order of appearance: Noel Sanger, Static Revenger, The Scumfrog, Dave Dredsen, Raul Campos and David Alvarado. Don't miss the photos in our Miami Photo Gallery.

If you have some winners of your own you want to share, just post them by clicking on the comments link at the bottom of the page, and they'll appear. (You need to be registered and signed in to vote and leave comments.)

And now on to the Awards!!

04-LAID-SunglassesThe Best Flyer? For the novelty of it, the rolled up sunglasses that came inside the Made In The Shade flyer (and seeing all the people who would actually put them on), definitely. Seeing random people wearing these at the Poptarts 80s party on Tuesday night was hysterical! Best Promotional Item: Killer Kella's barf bag with a puke green colored sticker stuck on it promoting his Miami gigs and his upcoming album. Best VIP badge: the Red Bull House sterling silver army tag. Most mezmerizing live performance: unquestionably Infusion.

And of course, our personal favorite award that we've been giving every year, the Record of the Conference. Can we possibly narrow down to just one winner? Of course not!!! Here are our picks in no particular order, for new tracks that we heard played out in Miami that positively rocked our world along with the dance floor:

04-LAID-Sunglasses* Andrea Burns "100 Stories (Noel Sanger Remix)" had every hand in the air and evoked cheers and clapping at the end! A progressive vocal anthem done exclusively for an upcoming compilation CD called Femme Fatales.

* "The Word Is Love" Raoul Campos dropped this soulful and perfect Miami tune at our Shelly Lounge event, causing Deep Dish to stop in their tracks as they wandered by heading up Collins and come in to see who was playing that song.

04-LAID-Sunglasses*Static Revengers remix of INXS which he played at our LAID party. This was an instant Miami classic, as remixes of familiar favorites often are at conference. Just when you think a song couldn't get any better, you hear one like this. You know you're going to be hearing this one a lot this summer!

* Technronic "Pump Up The Jam" Remix at Radio 1 party at Nikki Beach, not sure by whom, the crowds were so massive and we were too far from the DJ booth to see who was on just then) but from our view on the balcony, it even had the people who couldn't get in who were on the beach outside jumping around

04-LAID-SunglassesAnd now on to the Party Awards! Best Dancing in the Sand goes to the opening party for the M3 Summit, which, since our own party was cut unexpectedly short, we were able to catch up by the pool and beach at the Raliegh Hotel. Most Crowded (And Not In A Fun Way) goes to Junkie XL at Crobar. But wow was that crowd going off and Junkie was even more energetic than I've ever seen him before, if that's possible!!! The Kisswell magic was in full force.

04-LAID-SunglassesThe Best Beatboxing/MC award goes to Killa Kella for his spellbinding performance at 4am or so down at the Ice Palace for the Mix Masters party where they gave a sneak peek at the upcoming Scratch: All The Way Live DVD.



04-LAID-SunglassesBest Visuals were spun (yes we said spun) by VJ Psyberpixie at the All Gone Pete Tong movie party at the Redbull mansion. Stay tuned for an interview with this artist who paints with digital media on screens soon here on Raves.com! That party also got shut down early by the noise police, before Pete Tong or Deep Dish had even gone on. It wasn't only our parties that had police problems!

Hardest to Get In To had to be Danny Howells at BED on Thursday (300 person capacity), though we knew that would be the case and were there before it even opened to get in without a hitch. It was a close tie with the madness in front of the Om Party at Mansion, where we wandered around like we were in a pinball machine, bouncing off bars and strangers and never finding a single person we knew, though they were all texting us from various unidentified locations within the club and the music was incredible enough to keep us going.

04-LAID-SunglassesSpeaking of keeping us going, Friday we were dragging just a little bit, and not a taxi to be found to get us down to Nikki Beach for the Radio 1 party and our interview with Pete Tong, which we'll have posted here soon. That party wins hands down for Maddest Crush at the door, as well as Most Incredible Fight! Little guy getting thrown around by HUGE muscle bound security guy but going in hard... until the masses waiting in the line to get in that stretched from the door to the street made a mad rush in!! We made a mad rush into a "thank god it's there!" taxi and then up to our "thank god for Redbull" open Redbull bar at our Shelley Lounge event! David Alvarado and Raoul Campos added even more fuel to our fire and we were off and running once again... well at least until we had the prerequisite Cuban meal (Winner of the Best Thing To Eat Award) and were down for a much needed nap. We might have stayed asleep but there was no way we were going to miss...

The Best Party with Bands and maybe Most Wild party of the week, and definitely best place to see that hot trend of alt meets electronic band (oooh we love Cut Copy!) was on Friday with TriBeCa Grand and Adidas presents Revolver. It was one of the many downtown parties that gave this year's conference a much more spread out feel, with events split between South Beach and numerous downtown locations.

Before we announce the conference version of Best Picture, we must also give honorable mention to all the other wonderful events we attended and heard about, from the very well organized series of events thrown by the M3 Summit (the only badge we weren't ashamed to have swinging around our neck, which worked like a charm just where it was supposed to) to the out of control last-minute Sasha mansion party at a giant gorgeous house on the Intercoastal. But now the big moment is here...

And the Award for "Best Party of Miami 2005" goes to.. (the envelope please): Poptarts!!! Bit of a rewind (we have been going in chronological with our Awards here), and this 80s night with Lee Burridge & Danny Howells. was our first night in Miami. This tiny club was full of so much fun, good vibes, old friends and friendly strangers, oh and also wins the Best Sing Along night too! "Girls just wanna have fun... oh girls just wanna... oh oh!"

Our Miami Award Show Fashion Wrap-Up

It wouldn't be a proper awards show without a discussion of the fashions and since its a music conference, let's talk about the fashions not only in the clothes people wore but the music they danced to. The 80s were back with a vengeance. If you thought this trend was over, you weren't in Miami with the legwarmers, remixes of classic 80s tunes, and razor cut hair sprayed do's. But this is NOT electro. Let me repeat that: this is 80s alternative. Call it glitch or glam alt or what you will, its kind of merged with the hipster West Coast scene and the requirements are saturated colors, skinny guys with longish mop hair, girls in asymmetrical skirts drinking lots of hard alcohol straight from the bottle while yelling into the microphone (or megaphone whichever is handy) while jamming on their guitar. It was the SXSW runoff, the really hard core rock crowd that has been going straight from Texas into their second week of debauchery. They merged with the kids on Spring Break and Miami's fashion week for a wonderful mixing and mashing of scenes. Ah, Miami in March, there's no place quite like it!!

04-LAID-SunglassesOur M3 freebie bag filled up with the souvenir schwag of promo CDs, torn off wristbands, business cards, flyers, logo-ized matchbooks, pens, and stickers galore. The most popular style of flyer fed off the slick M3 Summit super saturated colors and 60s style. Its a perfect fit among the candy colored art dco

You can never escape a little gossip and drama, that goes along with Miami. The rumors we heard included some doozies! Everyone had a theory as to why the superclub Nocturnal never opened, including: didn't get their liquor license, the bathrooms were finished, they were scared of a mob hit!! The winner of the most ridiculous meathead security ever goes hands down to the Future2005 party on Saturday night: Prive's security would not let the DJs in! Why? Because they (they being none other than Mob Deep and Victor Duplaix) because they were wearing shorts. At that same party, Quest Love's girlfriend wasn't allowed in the booth when he was playing. King Britt behind the bar a the cool lounge, the size of a refrigerator box and there was water pouring on their records, and to get to where they had it setup, they had to walk through the bar past all the bartenders. Finally Quest Love, waiting for DJs who weren't being allowed in, fed up with all the drama, stopped in the middle of a record and the party came to a screeching halt. Thank goodness we missed that one!!

Other incredible stories and sightings include Collin Farrel getting behind the decks with Sasha & Digweed at the American Airlines arena Saturday night and getting down his own private stage next to the dance floor. Ricki Martin was behind the stage during Moby's set at Ultra. Bunny from Rabbit in the Moon was wearing a fantastic LCD suit with multicolored video projections on it. And if we could tell you how many people we called and got a message that said, "I'm in Miami and I've lost my cellphone..."

By the end of the week, everyone's a bit worse for the wear: even the most hardcore partier feels the drag by the fifth night of non-stop dancing, drinking, and party hopping. It was at this point that we heard our Best Drunken Mumbling: hanging on a lamppost, greasy bag clutched in his hand, a to-remain-unidentified friend (who we love), he coined the new catchphrase for complete satisfaction: "I Got Pizza!"

-- photos and words by Jennifer Warner

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