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The End of the Raves Era


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One of the beautiful things that raves produced was flyers. We now have a Flyer Archive on Raves.com where you can view, post and vote on flyers both old and new.






"candy ravers" days





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Written by Shawn Wallace

As society changes there are things that will always stand the test of time. Each passing generation makes their mark in the best way that they know and leave behind the markers of their era. Rave parties are the sort an event that brought people together through a common shared interest in music and community. The raves were a cultural movement that also defined an era in the progression of DJ and club culture.

From Outlaw To Main Stage

Being involved in the scene has always held a special place for a person. Whether it has been scouting out a location for an outlaw party in the early days, scribbling out that first handwritten version of the flyer that would get the crowds to the site, or trying to find out the best way to get power to two turntables in the middle of the woods for hours. In the early days, word of mouth was the only way that you could find out anything about a rave. You had to know someone who knew someone was who was trusted by someone throwing the party to have any chance of knowing where to go. Rave parties began as a place where pure enjoyment was driven by the music. It wasn't about the outfit you wore or who you knew, it was letting the DJ manning the decks take you through an amazing journey driven by the ebb and flow of beats and basslines. Standing in lines at the parties waiting to drop your five bucks and get your wristband, you would notice the diversity of the crowd that was drawn to the events. People of all races, genders, sexual orientation, and social standing could be found intermixed among the flashing lights and pulsing beats moving to one universal groove. As the scene began to grow, dance music fans looked for alternative means to get information about the best music, raves, and clubs. Much of this coming together was accomplished through the internet with websites, such as the aptly-titled Raves.com, DJ/electronic culture magazines, like BPM, XLR8R, and Mixmag, chat rooms, and boards all became an essential piece of the global takeover by raves and dance music.

The Mainstream Didn't Know What Hit Them

As the scene began to expand and more people became involved in the process, it was only a matter of time before the mainstream would begin to take notice. Suddenly, the rave party was everywhere. It was the place to be seen. Kids in day-glo outfits sucking on candy-canes became almost a punchline in youth-oriented films coming from Hollywood, the remix became the ultimate vehicle for a mainstream artist to gain instant credibility with the clubbing elite, and the turntable took over the guitar as the must have instrument for the new generation. The biggest sign of the rave breakthrough was the birth of the cult of the Superstar DJ, who went from being an unknown face in the back of the room just —playing records‚ to an instant celebrity whose selection of music and tastes could make or beak a nightclub«s future. Finding out where the parties were being held became less of an investigation and more of an artistic venture as the club flyer took an amazing turn and became an expression of the theme of the impending event.

The Fall After The Rise

In a move that has become typical of any growing youth-based movement, the politicians of the day decided to step in and try to use the rave party as a tool to garner support for their own grandiose agendas at the expense of the clubbers. Never taking into mind the creative DJs, musicians, artists, promoters, and fans who made up the community surrounding these events. This move may have impacted the mainstream exposure of the events, but only drove the people behind the scene back into the underground, back to where it all began. The move by politicians to focus on the negative sides of the rave party phenomenon only drove the fans of the culture together and created a tighter unit.

On the heels of some long, well-fought battles by the clubbing community, we made some progress. In the end though, we have seen the rave party slowly fade into a distant memory. As superclubs began to focus theme nights around DJs and getting numbers in the doors, somewhere along the way the party became secondary to creating the next big marketing brand. For those of use who were there, raves are a memory that will last forever. They were our search for the supernatural and divine place where we all come together and one thing is inecapable... we will always have the music.



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Wow. I went to that party at the Liberty Science Center...this article makes me nostaligic for the past. I remember my last party. I was looking around at all the little cracked out girls on the dance floor splayed out and I remember thinking, "what a tired mess this has turned out to be". I've had really great times, made good friends, hooked up with more than a few strobe light honeys (only to be repulsed by what they looked like in the light of day). Good times. I'll never forget the excitement and the anxiety that goes along with the feeling of being overwhelmed by the music. But I have no desire to go back. It is hard to recoop after hard partying. I'd rather live with the memories than try to recapture a moment in time. It will never be the same. I'll never be a teenager again. Not in this lifetime. And I wouldn't want to. My memories are good enough. Besides, who wants to be the old person at a party? No thanks.
Posted by: Bluestar0508

I found the Detroit scene in the summer of 94'. I had been a Industrial electronic and euro dance fan for years before at "shitty club". But the moment I walked into that first warehouse on Milwaukee st. for JAK....was the first day of forever. I quickly lost the biker jacket and combat boots for a pair of "Q"'s, a PERVERT shirt, and a hoodie. The music and the vibe completely changed my view of the world. Traveling btwn Detroit, Chicago, Saint Louis, Windsor, and Toronto became an obsession. But the beginning of the demise of that scene began as the Detroit gang squad decided it was easier to bust peaceful ravers than to do their jobs and bust the gangs. As the scene sought legal venues to stop the abuse, the vibe was lost to the alcohol and greed of the club scene... The music is still hot...but what once was is gone. Although there is always hope that the underground is still out there somewhere........keep it real Adriel!
Posted by: tbeoe

I moved to Florida in 94' so I started late in the actual Rave scene game but listened to freestyle ,house and trance earlier on. Moving to Tampa during the mid 90's and hearing Breaks for the first time in the baddest Candy Rave scene, will forever change me as a person, I have met some of my best friends because of the mutual luv of techno. As many of us of different ages and stories to tell have all mentioned its about the music...techno whatever kind you want to bounce to, glow stick to, gnaw your teeth to and hug a stranger to is the best music on earth. Tampa sadly lost a lot of its edge in the late 90's due to laws and ordinance driving the "scene" away but we still rock the best roots and some of the sickets vinyls ever pressed come from the Sunshine state...P.L.U.R ... ((here's something i wrote to show my luv of it all....)) ----------------------------------------------------------- It's like your body wants to crawl outside itself- from each individual pore. Oozing its way to the surface of the skin- brought to life by the beat in the floor. As music reverberates from all corners of the room, keep all hands on deck as the place starts to tip. It rocks like an ice cube in tepid water, and makes your grasp on reality do a flip. Like a slinky set on a seesaw, the horizon line bows left and right. People danced with me from all angles, and launched my Wonderland into flight. The friends that I walked in with- multiply from salultations of free will. We are all in it for the fantasy- and all as one to conquer the thrill. Like a masquerade mangled indside a maze, that accentuates our aggitated glee. Hyper-colored and hypnotized, the soul and spirit are set free. .B.
Posted by: KillaB-Girl

Raves are not dead. They are alive and kickin' in Texas. People in Ohio keep your eyes and ears open. They will return there too ;)
Posted by: Fresh Productions

Ohio had the best parties EVER!!!! Between 98-01. I lived in Columbus and it was great to be able to drive in any direction and be at a party with in 2-3 hours or less.....that's if there wasn't a party in Columbus. I'm 31 now and I find myself reflecting on the memories of how great it was. I still own every pair of my UFO's because I hope that one day they'll come back in fashion. At that time, the economy was great, we all had part time jobs and plenty of $$$ to get into the door of the parties. I paid $41.00 nine years ago to get into TONKA 2 in Cleveland! That was a lot then and it's kind of a lot now but it was worth every penny. Cincinnati had some of the "grittiest" parties and what I mean by "grittiest" is that some of the parties didn't have that smooth cement floor that allowed us to glide across the floor....it was a DIRT floor like the floor at "Funk-n-Foam" that had Dj Funk and by the end of the party we all had to buy new shoes because they were so soiled and f***ed up. Thinking about Funk-n-Foam brings up a memory of when I was sitting on a huge speaker, watching Alex Crackers spin some good funky house. My good friend Nate (Dj Sparrow) was sitting to the right of me and I turn to my left to talk to "a person" sitting to the left of me. After a few minutes goes by my friend Nate taps me on the shoulder and asks me, “who are you talking to? There’s no one sitting next to you" LOL!!!! I was totally out of my melon. Does anyone remember the Cinci party that got busted called "Fire"? It was in this old brick building near Clifton and it that had three floors and there were so many kidz that the floors began to bow and everyone thought that the floors were going to cave in. I also miss all those Dayton parties at the Roller Dome. I loved watching Dj Nostalgic spin whenever he was there. When 911 happened, that's when all the parties died.....the happiness and fun was over. I met my life partner at a party at the Roller Dome in "02" at a party called "Flashlight" and there was no lighting....just the flashlights that you were told to bring to the party so you could get a discount on the entry fee. My partner and I are still together after seven years. We still love to have fun and think about the old times. Going to parties was our weekend release and I will cherish those memories and the people I met for the rest of my life. We all thought that the party scene would last forever......but the scene died waaaay before we ever wanted to. Sorry, but I'm tearing up now..........I hope a new generation kidz bring back the rave scene and have as much fun as we did. <3 Adam N. (Columbus, Ohio party kid)
Posted by: atnrave

I was in the 7th grade when a one of my best friends came to school in UFO's, candy bracelets and a lip piercing. I was like 'Dude? What the fuck?! YOU LOOK AWESOME!' This was around 1998. He told me how to went to raves and how awesome they were. He introduced me to dj's, dance music and electronica which I LOVE love LoVe! My mother was very over bearing and very protective and she never let me go to one of these parties. I never went to a rave. I'm 20 now and I wish I would have not been such a goody two shoes and snuck out to one of these things. I always wanted to just dance to music and not have to care what people think about you. You cant do that in clubs. Its all about shaking your ass and 'dropping it like its hot'. Nobody dances with soul anymore. I'm in philly and I need to know about these parties. Somebody PLEASE let me know!
Posted by: fquinones88

the scene has defnitly changed...i was a hardcore raver from 1997 to 2002 and going to many parties in conn,mass,and n.y. there were about nine or ten of us that went out every weekend going to some kick ass parties..i miss that time alot..it was the time of my life..but too many drugs and too much fighting cost some of my best freindships and now it just makes me sad..you never want the party to end but it eventually does. so i left the scene but the music stays in my heart..im looking to go to a rave again but these new wacky laws have killed the venues...so if anyone out there knows if theres any raves near cincinatti let me know...peace
Posted by: jojo2000

When I was 18/19, Ohio used to be the spot...there were many parties in dayton, columbus and cleveland. If i remember correctly cleveland hosted the "get freaky" series which at one point was hosted by bad boy bill... Then there was revolution in columbus which hosted an incredible list of DJs to include DJ Micro, and Richard Humpty Vision. And I always loved cinci for Nauti Grove...a very under-rated DJ from the area...there were parties every weekend so long as you had the money for gas and the time to search...a truly incredible era Im glad I was a witness to. I would not give up these moments in my life for anything...I hope the scene isnt as dead as the article makes it appear. If anything i would hope the scene would return to the underground from which it was born...these were of course the best parties with the best crowd...if you could find them...which we always did somehow. I remember driving around downtown dayton whith shady directions at 1AM and recognizing a car I saw on the highway an hour earlier which lead us to the party...great times...
Posted by: miter69

I'm almost 18, and I've never been to a rave sadly. My boyfriend DJ's at them frequently, and says they're really fun. He lives a few states away, otherwise I'd go with him. I hate Ohio. If anyone knows of a rave near Dayton anytime soon, please email me the time, location and stuff like that to me. I'd appreciate it: hummer16789@yahoo.com thanks.
Posted by: keko

If you miss raves, check us out at www.club-flame.net. We are a group, united to bring the underground scene back to the people where it belongs.
Posted by: Flame Ent

Im only 13 years old and I've only been to a few raves, and those were at anime cons, its sad that this has happened raving is so fun...
Posted by: Raver Caitlin

I am an Australian Rave D.j that has come to live in Italy Rome in 1991 when the Rave scene was starting to reach its best! For me the Best times were 1991 to 1993 for the Rave scene. In 1995 they started to be more illegal Raves with alot of dirty crowds and more drug type users which stuffed up everything making the Rave seem a place to just go and get drugged. The real Rave scene was far different to this scene.Thats why it all started to finish.People saw the reality of lay abouts shaking off their faces with no real future.Stronger drugs ,more users ,more fights.... Where my idea of a true rave is where every person of any race and social class go to a fun party,dancing all night long to Techno music with no problems like racism,economic,politic.... No problems but unity and happiness. Raves have been part of my life since the house and acid period back in the late 80's.Their is no better feeling than dancing all night long (how you prefer to dance),with thousands of people that are all happy and smiling at each other, all dressed how they want.Lasers and lound sound ,strobes . The people were so friendly you felt so good,you felt secure to do what you want without having to get into a fight with someone.I remember they were crowed 12000 - 15000 people,and if you bumped into people they would kiss you and be friendly,not start a fight. The Rave scene got affected with to many fights and idiots esagerating on drug mixes.Their is no space for this behaviour in the middle of thousands of people. The Future like the early 90's ?: The Rave scene seems to be rising again this summer 2008 but I think we will see the best still to come 2009. We are planing to start up again with a Rave this Summer in Rome Italy.It will be called ETERNITY (The sound of Rome will last forever) Techno in Rome had some very famous and very unique artists Internationally reknown. We are trying to get the scene back with Eternity. But if we want the rave scene to grow we have to clean it up! Before only friends of friends knew about them and they were clean.When too many people come you get the wrong people also. I hope we can build a new generation of Peaceful loving Ravers which understand the virtues of the early 90's parties. Their are alot of rock concerts and punk concerts that are never baned,why should Raves and Techno be baned? The people around us must understand that its a safe place to be and it does not harm anyone .I hope we can start to get the Rave scene Worldwide like the 90's Rave On!
Posted by: d.j techno thrash

I love playing guitar at ravez! Have been doing it a few yearz now and have a blazt everytime... Peace { o}====> Cazzy The Alien Bluez Dude http://www.myspace.com/cazzylove
Posted by: alienbluezdude

I love raves for the loud music how it vibrates your body it dont matter if im rollin or not. and i have a fetish with the lights.
Posted by: turn*up*the*bass

I'm 32 now and looking forward to relive - or to say it more accurately - live my raver days better sicne my younger days were spent in college. Sure we have SPACE in Miami, and I had the opportunity to see PVD and Ferry Corsten there, but nothing can top the warehouse raves or out by the levee i the Everglades, or.... Hit me up
Posted by: Sergio75

The Rave Culture was like a big beautiful wave, building in strength through the mid-to-late 90's, then crashing on the shore shortly after the Millennium. It was a time of magic and community. Of amazing highs...and heart-breaking lows. During my last rave (New Year's Eve, Millennium) I remember sitting on the floor next to a hardcore rave girl. Her face was frozen in a strange smile, except only her mouth was smiling. Her eyes were sad and distant. And I truly believe she was coming to the same realization that the whole community was feeling. We had lived through a Golden Age, but our time in that world was ending. There had been Truth to our Happiness...but it was a fading memory. Like a beautiful island, the world had descending on the Rave Scene and consumed it for it's own purposes. We were all just luckily to have been a part of it. Because we'll always remember that one most magical rave. That glorious night that we would all gladly return to. A night, however, that will never come again.
Posted by: dax_montana

I believe that the spirit of the rave and rave culture lives in our hearts. If you believe in Peace, Love, Unity and Respect, that will never die if you keep it alive within yourself. Yeah, I too remember how different the scene was 8 years ago when it first discovered me, and can only imagine what it was like in the years prior to that that I was too young to experience. I remember all the house parties (the cops would come knocking on the door and we'd just turn the music off, wait for them to leave, and start it right back up again), the all-nighters in the middle of the woods dancing in the moonlight waiting for the sunrise, and breaking into what was left of the warehouse district to throw the baddest party any of our friends had ever seen. Those days do seem like a distant memory sometimes, especially with the passing of so many new laws, such as the RAVE ACT (if you are a raver and are unfamiliar with this I strongly suggest you familiarize yourself with it!). It may not only be the scene which has changes, but those of us who were there have grown a little older, maybe have more responsibilities, our bodies might not allow us to participate in the escapades we once could - we've changed right along with the scence itself, giving way, in part, to the next generation of partiers. Personally, I know much has changed in my life that keeps me home more often - I have a job that I have to be up for in the morning, I have a daughter who I cannot always get a trustworthy babysitter for, I have bills to pay and can't just throw $20 out at the door of some club, and other such responsibilities that must take precedence in my life. But the music is as alive in my soul as it ever was. My daughter and I dance to Deep Dish in the living room, we go to free day festivals, and generally find as many ways as possible to keep the spirit alive. As the maturing generation, I think we have a kind of obligation to pass on the ideals of our scene to the newcomers (i.e. - PLUR) to ensure its survival. So what if it's less common to hear about a rager in the desert these days? So what if your local pop radio station is playing Baby Anne on Saturday nights? Let's not lose sight of why most we love our scene so much in the first place. And let's make sure we do all we can to preserve the memory of that, but not to let it become ONLY a memory.
Posted by: amber0307

Posted by: gods77

life sucks deal with it........i live in canada where the "scene" pretty much sucks unless you live on the west coast. I am 25 and have been "raving" for about 13 years now I guess and things have completely changed, the city i now live in,EDMONTON, has only one real company that throws raves and the ppl i see there the so called ravers are full of shit all the little kandi ravers hide off in their little corners instead of out spreading the vibes like they are supposed too. Ai jaded.......fuck yeah where of all the good people gone who just wanna go out and party maybe get high and just have a good time..not here not in this fucking hell hole all i see are fucking e tards and fake ass dj's who only spin whats number one in the charts today!!!
Posted by: ninja_dave

i had to face it, with sadness, that raves are indeed dead as a cultural phenomena of any merit- for now. we all knew it was in trouble when all the "e"s started appearing in advertising, and all the comercials sported electronic background music. in the real heyday of the scene, back in the 90's, i created and produced a variety of music and had some of the best tiems of my life throwing parties in seattle- mostly for FREE. there's nothing like a great free party with excellent DJ's or live PA in the middle of a pine forest. wow. good times. so while the hippies may have had their 'summer of love' in 1967, ours was in the summer of 1996. life was so full of all the best. i *really* had some of the most excellent times of my life, and it was absolutely magical. everyone was friendly and sincere, with the most intense sense of community i had ever experienced. and the friends. i'll never forget the truly great friends who shared that vision. but sadly, by 1998-99 it had already begun to fade. it became more about people wanting to be in on the 'latest thing' and not the pure vibe- it degenerated into a fashion show and getting high for the sake of getting high. and of course, people started burning out on the substances they were takinig. when used properly and with moderation, substances are tools that can (at best) elevate consciousness, open doors, and provide radical new perspective on life and its meaning. abused, however, and they will, at most, utterly destroy your life- and at the least reduce the quality of it. your body can shrug off a lot between 18-25 but i guarantee you'll pay for it later. party clean and you'll thank yourself later. and you'll also thank yourself if you dont live in Utah. here if the local law enforcement gets wind of a party, regardless of whether you have all the permits and your own security, they WILL show up with automatic weapons, tear gas and full riot gear. no joke. nothing kills a good time like looking down the barrel of an MP5 or AR15.
Posted by: rob_atomic

The rave scence is FAR from being dead! Te pulsating music will never be able to die out and it's people like this; the people on here who are FOR the music that keep it alive and hopeful. And to those who give it the "drug-infested, freak show" image can F*ck Off!!! There aren't very many raves in Missouri where I'm at, but the music is still very much alive and there are still kids who feed off of the music, who worship every beat, every light, every sound coming from each record they paly. We will never forget and one day, the party WILL be bigger and better than before. Let them try to stop the records from spinning THEN!
Posted by: Acidic_Paradise00

Just about every cultural movement from rock music to hip hop managed to stand up for itself in the face of political persecution and carry on its legacy. Rave culture however, simply backed down and went to hide where all the money was, in the clubs. And how could any big name DJ, promoter, or whoever resist turning his or her back on the scene that made them who they are in return for massive checks, mainstream support, and plenty of ass? Listen up: there is no such thing as "DJ culture". YOU ARE THE PARTY, and the party will live on. It amazes me how complacent some people are. Are you really happy paying huge prices at the door just so you can see some shitty overrated DJ in a meatmarket and then go home at 2 am? Take a look at what they've done in the rest of the world: Sensation, Qlimax, Dance Valley, Earthcore - That could have been us here in America, our scene could have evolved to such a grand level. The best thing we've got here is Burning Man, which isn't really a rave party. Most of the rave generation has sold out to the clubs (Something similar happened in England around 92, after which the kids took the paries to suburbia, and started 'Ardcore). Today it's up to the new generation of party kids in America to fight back, and mark my words Sen. John Biden will be hearing from us very soon!
Posted by: Sir Kibbles

The rave scene is far from gone and burntout. Its just been driven back into the underground by law enforcment. I a raver myself try to attend at least 1 rave every weekend. There are at least 1 or 2 every weekend where I live (Lancaster CA). They are still everywhere, mainly deserts and wooded areas, my fav kind though, I prefer vast open areas where the music reverberates through everyones body and is carried out into the wilderness rather then being squashed into a wearhouse. There are also many LA Raves that still go on. So dont be sad people, simply open yer eyes and ears and follow the lights, the glow of the night. We are still our own generation. The cyber children of the night. PLURR
Posted by: AVRaverSicBoi

I have to agree, this makes me saaaad:( I feel this pain in my heart everytime I sit and listen to the music and think of the raves I've been to. There is that feeling of something that died. I was hard into the scene 4 yrs ago and had to move away. I lost contact with most of the "kids" and the ones I still know just lost touch with "rave era" aswell. The clubs all shut down where I live and the forest Rangers have ban us from RAVES in the woods!! Soooo this leaves this yerning, for the times when; candy and glow sticks were symbols of a time when you exspressed yourself in a spiritual way through music. I can still take myself to that trance state of mind where the music and molly made EVERTHING WONDERFUL!!!! The art, the candy kids, the touch of a higher reality through music!!! I hope your right thet the rave era is comming back, I'll be here waiting. Until then may the party always remind you of what it WAS like!!!
Posted by: MagicRaven

ravers... brought about by a faceless generation... you all make me sick... all youur group has ever made stronger was my hate for the drugs that are passed around, meth for example... its bad enough to have to run from my own past, but when im forced to run from a loved ones past as well cause it still haunts them.... fuk u.
Posted by: mrjondeer

The culture is comming back in philly, and NJ actually... gotta love those woods parties! I think the only reason people think it's dead is because it's not heard of as much anymore. Which is a good thing... lots of the good venues got shut down, but new ones are opening (ie. the warehouse). Keep your mind and eyes open everyone your closing your own culture out..... nightbeatpromotions.com proof....
Posted by: CamoBoi

This just makes us stronger. Nothing could ever bring us down not even the government. They don't know us at all, and will never feel what we have experienced through music
Posted by: Soviet Raver

yeah this article makes me want to cry. I remember my first party 1996 in Seattle on halloween like it was yesterday. I was hooked then and still now, but clubs rarely do it for me. I partied in Germany for awhile too, and they do it like i wish the area i now live in would. The Love Parade was awesome even as commercialized as it was, (i compare it to a better Cyberfest) but i really enjoyed there love park day parties in Frankfurt. I miss the days when everyone got all candied out, the music was steady bumping and the girls wore wigs. The DC metro area sucks for good parties and now that NATION is closing I might have to suck it up and go to FUR which sucks. I miss the good times and would be willing to do almost anything get it rolling again. Hit me up lets throw a good one.
Posted by: RonGlitz

this article makes me sad. and that all the good drugs are gone as well
Posted by: j0nndeane

I think it is great that there is a place that we can come and relive the rave-era gone by. I am 25, and went to raves from the age of 15 until I was about half way through college, about 19, and then I grew out of it and moved on to clubs. However, the rave era was what started my entire world spinning on its axis. The memories I have from those early days...driving to NYC, then the next weekend to New Haven, then Hartford, then Boston, then Rhode Island, then to Philly, then Asbery Park, then the Liberty Science Center, then Mount Airy Lodge!!! I mean, it was really an experience not to be missed. Back then, I of course dressed the part (not so much of candy raver, more like BAGGY Jnco or Kikwear jeans, a big puffy Polo Sport vest, a visor...and ok, maybe there was glitter all over my face and hair!!); my life revovled around parties; and it was my entrance into the world of dance music. We used to follow around Bad Boy Bill, Dante, Electic Skychurch, Skylab 2000, DJ Empress (who is one of my best friends in the world), Micro and Onionz, Robbie Hardkiss, etc, etc, etc.....It was an amazing time, with some amazing parties. I'll never forget though when it all started to go downhill...first of all, parties started becoming more mainstream...the first time I saw an ad for a party in the Village Voice, I knew there were major problems! What happend to promoters handing out flyers??? Then B.T.S and other idiot trouble makers started to spoil everything for everyone...so much for PLUR!! But that being said...no one can ever take away the magic I found as a 15 year old wide eyed girl when I went to my first party. It was called Butterscotch. It was the follow-up party to Peppermint. It was at a place called the Globe, which was later renamed the Roxy (in CT). My boyfriend and I went to that party, and we were never the same again. It was pure ecstasy (figuratvly and literally!). I really want to shout out and remember some of my faves...Columns of Knowledge, Millenium, Kingsize...Joey Ds....all the promoters, record stores, DJs, everyone...because they really helped start the dance music genre. Such crazy, funny sh*t used to happen back then! I remember trying to go to a party in Philly at the Drexel Armory, and it was moved to the Freightyard in Allentown, PA, and I hopped in some friendly ravers' VW bug and hitched a ride down...when I got there, they weren't letting any more people in, but I heard that Rabbit in the Moon was on, and was doing a pyro technic show, and I climbed in the window to get in and see them! It was a wonderful time full of excitement, passion, and freedom, and it will always live in my heart. Times have changed though...for instance, now I go to the Winter Music Conference for the actual conference, panel discussions and all...not just for the parties. I also no longer do drugs...I've been sober for almost 2 years. There comes a time that we all must move on...that's the one thing I hope the kids out there understand...just so y'all know, I just buried my friend last week, because he OD'ed on Crystal Meth and had a heart attack...just be careful out there, guys, because although it's all fun and games, drugs are serious and I want everyone out there to respect themselves and their bodies. Even if you want to have fun, don't forget that real life is out there too, and the music should be enough to get you high. Josh Wink used to say if he could melt down Vinyl and inject it into his arm, he would...but until that day, he didn't need any drugs. I think that is awesome. Doing drugs can enhance things, but it can also block you off from the energy of the party. Who wants to spend 2 hours in the bathroom puking when you could be flying high on the energy of a great party, a great soundsystem playing great music, and a room full of great people? Now, years later, raves are something from an era gone by...but dance music lives on. I took my knowledge of the scene, and put it to good use...I was the Director of PR for CROBAR for the last 2 years. It is the most amazing club in NY, Chicago, and Miami, and it is one of the staples that keeps dance music going forever and ever....Raves might be a thing of the past, but slammin' music and DJ culture...that will NEVER die.
Posted by: JamieNYCdiva

I dont think the rave era is over, I think that it hit a peak and now it is going to fade back and be like it was in the begining. It will never truly go away, there will always be a group who will find joys in the music and sense of family that it brings. Someone will always resorect it.
Posted by: MagicalLemmings

It's way too depressing to think that the rave era is over. It may seem like it is, but I am constantly seeing more ravers, younger ravers and new raves. It's a culture that will never and can never die. It lives in us all and we're not going anywhere.
Posted by: GlamPixxie

im a "kid" pretty young...14 ive been to a few.(i know people) when i was reading this article i heard about raves in the woods i think that would be awesome...but the underground is still here and like may of the people who commented before me. ITS COMING BACK! and were gunna keep it there! KEEP IT GOING! And if anyone knows a huge party coming up in the philly area...hook me up...also flyers are the best way ever to get the word out!
Posted by: vivi_trottsky

RIP wanabes. The true ravers will never stop. Too many kids think that because you can't find raves, they don't exist. Ravers are returning to their roots. "In the early days, word of mouth was the only way that you could find out anything about a rave. You had to know someone who knew someone was who was trusted by someone throwing the party to have any chance of knowing where to go." This is as true today as it ever was.
Posted by: Motoma

Just have to say that this article really hit my heart. I was part of that culture. I grew up that way. Follow this map that I picked up at a record store and get to a great little get together. Then to the next club night in different cities on different nights. Then to throwing the big parties with flyers and hotel rooms for all the big name dj's. Sad now that i talk with very few of those people, but i remember them vividly. This community help make me into the person i am today. I will always have nothing but wonderful memories of the times i had. Keep being happy!!
Posted by: moonfuzz98

Hey.. I've noticed many people have dissed ravers cuz they think were all druggies and that the muzik is bad... I am a proud participant in todays culture and i find that if we never had such amazing experiences whether we might not say the same .. im proud to be a raver..^.^
Posted by: Hakufu

people think hardcore is dead but they couldnt be more wrong the underground is bigger than ever and is soon to get back into the main stream but this time no politican or anyone else will be able to stop it hardcore is rallying its troops to wage war on the world of music you watch this space cos it never died the first time
Posted by: calvert

There are still plenty of Rock N' Rollers out there to throw a great rave. Everybody needs to get together for one huge world rave!!!!
Posted by: GreenIGirl420

good article!
Posted by: Vonkemp

Thats really sad.
Posted by: anvilanche

We have still got the underground, and it's still pumping better than ever! ~*Kayotic Kirk*~
Posted by: Radio_kayos

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