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ISSUE 4.8.08

• Solarstone feature interview
• Celtic Crossroads from Putumayo
• Bjorkestra - Enjoy

• Devil in the Detail
• Groove Armada play the steps of LA City Hall


Solarstone may come 'from the middle of nowhere' but his talent has placed him squarely somewhere significant on the musical map. As his debut artist album is released, we talk to him about... well click to find out!
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Bjork is indisputably a quirky art pop creator. It's both a quirky and not-so-quirky idea to transform her music by re-imagining it for jazz orchestra. Quirky because it seems a startling leap to make. Not so quirky because experimentation is a core aspect of Bjork's music.
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Putumayo reaches to Ireland and Scotland (and a couple of other places) to delight us with one of the label's best offerings yet. "Celtic Crossroads" spans the distance between largely traditional presentations of the Celtic sound. Five stars...
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Comps can work but often they can be too scattershot. Devil in the Detail finds a delicious balance, offering a mix that is eclectic enough to be interesting but not so eclectic as to drive one to distraction. A batch of minimalist, chilled techno tunes.
DEVIL review


Everything that's old is new again. This past weekend (almost) our entire Hollywood crew reunited to head downtown to experience Groove Armada DJing on the steps of City Hall. It felt like days gone by, like an outlaw party, an old school rave under the stars, dancers surrounding the fountain, colored lights turning the giant trees purple, green, red, then blue. Only difference was, we and the rest of the crowd look a wee bit older, GA went on at the very civilized hour of 8pm, and when the music stopped at 11pm, the friendly cops easily shepherded all us tired happy people home. :)

Peace Love & Beats,
Jennifer Warner + the Raves & DJfix crew


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