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Chris Young aka Blacktop
Chris Young aka Blacktop Chris Young aka Blacktop is currently based as a resident at Privilege. He is also flying around the region playing at various events, most recently headlining jointly with Des Mitchell - “DESIRE”, a night of pure uplifting house. Although his chosen genre of music is funky house, he also plays hard house and trance flawlessly. In fact, Blacktop can play any genre you can think of due to him being one of the few DJ’s on the scene today using Stanton’s final scratch technology. His passed residencies have included prestigious clubs such as Pacha - London and Sharm el Sheikh, Riu palace & BCM – Marjorca, the list is truly endless. He is also the DJ used exclusively by chart topping dance act “Trinity X”. He has played alongside some of the world’s most famous deejays such as Roger Sanchez, Judge Jules, Pete Tong, Danny Rampling, Erick Morrillo, Lisa lashes, Alex P, Brandon Block, DJ Sammy. This list is just as impressive as the clubs Blacktop has played. This year sees Blacktop signed to Clock Loop Records UK with his Ibiza House anthem “Wahashteny” and more production work is close to completion. Chris Young aka DJ Blacktop, is well known and revered throughout the world for his sets of perfect well-chosen music that have always created an unforgettable atmosphere in clubs and events all over the world. He has the insight to read a crowd and has always had the dance floors jumping wherever he is playing in the world. His mixing ability is faultless and undoubtedly as good as any other high-ranking deejays in the scene today. He has been voted 116th funky house DJ in the world by the DJ list and his production work is just as impressive. Blacktop has been playing around the world for years. He has played both as a guest DJ and taken up residencies in clubs in Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, Egypt, Czech Republic, China, Hong Kong, and well just about any country you can think of. Blacktop has most recently played to crowds in BCM, Eden and Pacha, and is currently the monthly resident at Privilege, not forgetting his radio show fortnightly on LLAD. Blacktop's deejaying started way back in the mid-80's, playing at local venues doing weddings, birthday parties, etc, as so many talented deejays have. From this, Blacktop progressed to a resident in a local Ritzy Club, and then on to a residency at the Broadway Boulevard in Ealing. At this stage, Blacktop's music was commercial for the club scene at the time, but he progressed through his sets to the harder edge of dance music, playing with deejays such as Steve Jackson (formerly Kiss FM), and Neil Fox (Capital Radio), amongst others. In the early 90's, Blacktop decided to broaden his horizons, and secured a residency in Germany, where he first played with Les Hemstock (Hemstock and Jennings). From there on, Blacktop never looked back, and continued to play in foreign lands, as his enjoyment was educating the crowd with the sets he played. These sets helped to promote Blacktop, due to his pure genius of working the crowd with the tracks that he played, and on numerous occasions, even going as far as mixing local music under UK house tracks. Blacktop continued his journey of playing in Europe, both being a guest DJ and taking up residencies in clubs in Austria, Italy, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and Mallorca. From Majorca, at the end of 1993, Blacktop decided to return to the UK as he felt the time was right for him to take some production time-out and go into the studio. Although, he was also flying back to Germany at the weekends to deejay. During Blacktop's time in the studio, he re-mixed the Human League's 'Don't you want me'; joined forces with writer/producer Thorn (www.thornmusic.co.uk); and jointly created a track called 'Dust', which was put out under the Navigator Records banner. This track was massive throughout Europe in the underground clubs. Also, during the same time, Blacktop and Thorn created a track called 'Bella'. This was signed to Mega Records, who employed the services of Red Jerry to do a remix. This track was also huge on the European club circuit, although it only reached number 39 in the UK national chart. You could actually say Blacktop was one of the first UK deejays to bring Euro Beat across to the UK. Not bad for a DJ that was only 24 at this stage! Blacktop decided to leave the UK again in early 1994, as he was invited to play in a club in Cairo, Egypt, for 4 months. Although the club only held 600 people, Blacktop jumped at the challenge, purely to see if he could get UK dance music going in Egypt. Due to his playing ability, Blacktop was successful, incorporating Arabic sounds and tracks with European dance music. In fact, Blacktop was so good at putting these Arabic beats with European and UK tracks, he was approached by an Egyptian based recording company to create a series of compilations. At the end of Blacktop's 4 months, he flew back to the UK, with about just enough time to buy some more vinyl, before flying off to Majorca for a residency in Rio Palace. That year proved to be a strain for Blacktop, as he was playing in 3 different clubs in one night, being Paradis, Rio Palace, and Magic. Also that year, Blacktop reached the goal he had set for himself when he was 18 years old, and played BCM alongside the world famous and close friend, Des Mitchell (www.desmitchell.com). Des Mitchell is a very close friend of Blacktop's. He not only taught Blacktop how to mix in the beginning, but also Blacktop would not be here today producing music and playing sets, if Des Mitchell hadn't saved his life. Respect. Blacktop took it easy in the winter of '94, although he guest deejayed in Munich, Zurich, and also the Czech Republic. This guest deejaying took Blacktop into '95, where he was once again invited to DJ in a strange venue, or should I say, on a strange venue. Blacktop was invited to play on a ship, but not any ship, as Blacktop was asked if he would consider doing an 8-week residency aboard the QE2. Well, you guessed it! Blacktop jumped at the chance, who wouldn't??? Once the 8 weeks were up, Blacktop then flew to Mainland China to begin a 6-month residency, playing to amazed crowds. From Mainland China, Blacktop flew back to the UK and then was a guest DJ in Titanic in Moscow. In '96, Blacktop returned to play in Egypt, playing in the well-known resort, Sharm el Sheikh. That year also saw Blacktop play in other Middle Eastern countries. The trip to the Middle East lasted up until the middle of '97, where Blacktop was asked once again to return to China. Once Blacktop was there, the doors on this occasion opened even more widely for Blacktop, because within 3 months of being in China, Blacktop was approached by a Hong Kong based company (Star East), to consider designing and headlining a totally new concept of club in Mainland China. The deal was done, and Blacktop helped in the design of a totally unique club. Blacktop took this club to its full capacity from the opening night, with his style of upfront dance anthems, as well as dropping in the occasional odd Chinese tune underneath. It makes you wonder who did have the original idea for hearts of Asia? Blacktop remained in China playing in Star East, and also being one of a very few UK deejays to host his own weekly dance show on the radio. The new Millennium saw Blacktop return back to the UK to set up his own recording studio in London, and to once again collaborate with Thorn on a track (Once Was). Also, to date, Blacktop has helped in getting top 19 act, Trinity X, to where they are today (www.trinityx.co.uk). He has compiled various deejay mix cds in various countries and is still doing what he does best, that is creating an unforgettable night at any event he plays. If you were to ask Blacktop what his favorite style is, his response would be, “I think style is dictated by the crowd, I mean, if the crowd are into trance, then that is what they get. I do not see the point in sticking to a style that I like. What I am trying to say is music is music and if it gets the crowd leaving the club at the end of the night saying Fxxx, that was amazing then I guess I’ve done my job. It keeps the promoters and sponsors happy too.” Some interesting clubs ive played in United Kingdom Spain Various Ritzy Clubs Broadway Boulevard Club UK Masquerades Hollywoods Legends Harpers BCM Rio Palace Paradies Zorbas Magic Bananas Heroes Tokyo Joes Eden, Ibiza Germany Switzerland Easy Dance and Music, Frankfurt Easy Dance and Music, Halle Easy Dance and Music, Lyepsig Corner 13, Inglestadt Blackout, Zurich Austria Prague La Luna, Tirol Disco Bollos FX China Egypt Di Di Night Club Star East Cactus Disco, Sharm el Sheikh Bus stop, Sharm el Sheikh Pacha Bachus Papillon, Cairo Julianas, Cairo Russia Asia Titanic Privilege Club The roof top terrace

MAILTO: djchrisyoung@hotmail.co.uk

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